Some Students Welcome Ronell’s Return, Others Denounce It

Article here. Excerpt:

'NYU Professor Avital Ronell — who a Title IX investigation found guilty of sexually harassing a graduate student mentee — returned on Friday to a crowd of students and one security staffer outside of her classroom.

When approached by WSN reporters following the class, Ronell declined to comment for this article, citing a gag order. Students exiting the classroom ignored requests for comment.
But not everyone at NYU was happy to see Ronell return. Last semester, members of the Student Government Assembly asked that the Comparative Literature and German professor not be reinstated after an 11-month Title IX investigation conducted by NYU found she had sexually harassed her former doctoral mentee, Nimrod Reitman. This summer, NYU’s graduate student union started a petition — still in circulation — which asked the university to fire Ronell.'

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