There is no such thing as ‘toxic masculinity’ (Opinion)

Article here. Excerpt:

'The assault on men, which is pervasive in our culture with the young generation being brainwashed into thinking that men are the problem, is breaking down our society.

Let me be clear, masculinity is not toxic. It is critical for young boys to grow up to be strong, capable men. We are raising a generation of weak dependents in the name of eliminating a ‘toxin.’ This is illogical and dangerous.

The same men viewed as 'toxic' for displaying aggressive behavior are the same men who will run up flights of stairs in a burning building to save strangers. They are the men who will run toward gunfire to stop criminals from harming innocents. They are the men who will put on a uniform and serve the cause of liberty thousands of miles from home to bring the fight to terrorists who would destroy our way of life.'

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