Eindhoven University summoned to explain ‘discriminatory’ women only jobs policy

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Dutch Institute for Human Rights is to hear a complaint brought against Eindhoven University of Technology for opening a number of jobs to women only, local paper Eindhovens Dagblad said on Tuesday.

Anti-discrimination agency Radar told the paper it decided to make the formal protest after it received 49 separate complaints about the policy.

The university said earlier this year that for 18 months, all academic jobs would be open to female candidates only in an effort to improve the balance between men and women on the permanent staff.

If a vacancy fails to attract suitable candidates within six months, it will be opened up to men, and after 18 months the entire scheme will be revised, the university said at the time.

Female newcomers will also be given an extra starter package, including €100,000 which they can use for their own research and a special mentoring programme, the university said.'

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