Judge apparently violates orders from appeals court as Title IX due process trial begins

Article here. Excerpt:

'I didn’t see this one coming: A campus newspaper has called out a federal judge for apparently stacking the deck against a student accused of sexual assault.

The 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overruled U.S. District Judge Denise Casper a year ago when she threw out a lawsuit against Boston College for railroading a male student. It ordered her to reconsider whether the college breached its contract with “John Doe” and deprived him basic fairness.

Senior college officials had warned adjudicators against the “no finding” option for Doe, and told them to give special treatment to a “prime alternative culprit” – the student whom Doe said confessed to groping the female student. Instead, that alternative culprit testified against Doe.

Even though Casper approved a jury trial nearly a year ago, the judge has been steadily whittling down what the jury actually gets to decide in the trial, which just started.'

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