'Exasperated and outraged': Government to review Family Court after pressure from Hanson

Article here. Excerpt:

'Prime Minister Scott Morrison has angered domestic violence campaigners with a surprise decision to hold an inquiry into the Family Court after years of pressure from One Nation leader Pauline Hanson to overhaul the system.

The government launched the inquiry to look into concerns including the onus of proof required to gain an apprehended violence order, the cost of the court process and claims of false evidence being used against former partners.
Campaigners against family violence greeted the decision with dismay just as they arrived in Parliament House to lobby MPs to change the family law system to protect women and children.

"Yet again we have another inquiry set up with people who are not experts in domestic violence," said Queensland Women's Legal Service chief executive Angela Lynch.

"I'm exasperated and outraged. This is just kicking the issue down the road again.'

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