Ignorance of the nature of boys is real and widespread

Article here. Excerpt:

'A new book, For the Love of Men: A New Vision of Mindful Masculinity, begins like this: "There is no greater threat to humankind than our current definitions of masculinity." Touted in the media by Thrive Global, Glamour, and other predictable places, it's authored by self-proclaimed feminist Liz Plank.

Note use of the word "humankind," rather than "mankind." That's the first indication you're about to read something steeped in a silly ideology rather than in fact.

The book is marketed to "women looking to guide the men in their lives and men who want to do better and just don't know how." Imagine if the sexes in that sentence were reversed: for "men looking to guide the women in their lives and for women who want to do better and just don't know how."
Perhaps Plank imagines herself a maverick, but she's making the same tired argument feminists have been making for decades: gender is a social construct. That too has been widely debunked, such as here, here, and a thousand other places.

I'm tempted to defend Plank on grounds of ignorance. At 32, she has clearly absorbed the feminist propaganda with which she's been raised. More importantly, she does not have children, yet she claims to know precisely what boys need.'

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