Christina Hoff Sommers: New Feminism Makes Women Believe They Need Not Equality But Protection From Men

Article here. Excerpt:

'Author and feminism critic Christina Hoff Sommers addressed the state of modern feminism in an interview with HBO host Bill Maher on Friday's edition of 'Real Time.' Sommers, an American Enterprise Institute resident scholar, and the host discuss how she became persona non grata in the feminist community, how she is unable to speak on college campuses without security, the treatment of men and young boys, and why there is a gender pay gap.

Sommers, the author of "The Factual Feminist," told Maher what is going on is madness as American women are arguably the freest in history. She also contended that while men have privileges, so do women. Men commit suicide at higher rates, die earlier and take riskier jobs, Sommers said of privilege.

"American women, arguably, are among the freest, most self-determining in history," Sommers said.

She said college professors are telling women "they need not equality from men, but protection from these toxic masculine hegemons."

"Women are going to be helped by truth and accurate analysis of problems and we just don't have that right now," Sommers said.

Sommers said feminism is being trivialized when women get upset at the use of "you guys" to describe a group compromised of men and women. She shared an anecdote about a woman at UPenn who said she was "mini-raped" when she was told by a guy that she had nice legs.'

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