Cancer charity fears for boys and men who miss out on HPV vaccination

Article here. Excerpt:

'A “missing generation” of more than a million boys and young men will miss out on vaccinations that could protect them against several forms of cancer, a charity is warning.

The Teenage Cancer Trust wants boys aged 13 to 24 to be offered the HPV (human papillomavirus) jab, now that it is to be routine for them to get it at the age of 12, alongside girls.

“While it’s great some boys from this year onwards will have the same protection against HPV-related cancers that teenage girls and women have had for a decade, a generation of teenage boys and young men are being denied that chance,” said the trust’s chief executive, Kate Collins.
The HPV vaccine protects girls against the virus that is the main cause of cervical cancer. It has reduced the main circulating strains of HPV by 80% since the programme began in 2008. Immunising boys will help reduce the presence of the sexually transmitted virus in circulation still further.

However, immunising boys will have direct benefits for them as well. HPV also causes about 90% of anal cancers and 50% of penile cancers, and some cancers of the head and neck, as well as about 90% of genital warts.'

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HPV related cancers are very rare in men as a homogenous group in affluent cultures (< 1 per 100,000). The incidence in men who have sex with men is substantially higher (25-100 per 100,000), and for these men vaccination provides important benefits. For heterosexual men, most of the benefits of vaccination accrue to their female partners.

So if you are a vaccinated heterosexual male, you have taken on the risks associated with vaccination (small risks) to make a contribution to the health and welfare of others in the community, mostly women. Something most men do on a day to day basis anyway, and not a bad thing to do at all.

But do not swallow this feminist garbage that heterosexual men are benefiting from the HPV vaccine. The statistics in this article tell the same lies as usual. 90% of anal cancers and 50% of penile cancers, amounts to 90% and 50% of very small numbers. The feminist academics use these proportions to hide how miniscule the impact of these cancers are on the male population in general. It's completely dishonest and designed to mislead. It's leading men by the nose to make sure they keep getting vaccinated to protect women.

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