Pay women’s soccer players more than the men, NWSL team owner says

Article here. Excerpt:

'Washington Spirit majority owner Steve Baldwin has learned in his first eight months on the job that professional women’s soccer players in the United States should not be paid the same as men. He thinks they should be paid more.

“They are better than the men as athletes,” the 58-year-old D.C.-area tech executive said this week. “This is the best league in the world. We have to change how we sell it, promote and market it. I believe the opportunity is there to where unequal pay is achieved and the women make more.”'


FC Dallas under-15 boys squad beat the U.S. Women's National Team in a scrimmage

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... the women's team succamb to big-sisterly love pressure to let their "little brothers" win and so threw the game. Unlikely but possible.

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If women indeed bring in more money than their male counterparts, then by all means it's fair to pay them more than the men.

So far they don't. In fact, in some years they've actually lost money. But, yes, they should be paid based on the money they bring in.

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