92 percent of sex-specific scholarships are reserved for women, study finds

Article here. Excerpt:

'University of Michigan-Flint economist Mark Perry has company in his one-man crusade to expose scholarships that exclude men from consideration in possible violation of the law.

Stop Abusive and Violent Environments, which advocates for the due process rights of accused students, has added fair treatment in scholarships to its earlier agenda of fair treatment in sexual misconduct proceedings for both men and women.

The group analyzed sex-specific scholarships at “115 of the nation’s largest universities” and found fewer than 10 percent reserved for men. To be specific, fewer than 100 out of nearly 1,200. The rest were reserved for women.

It reviewed colleges in 24 states from January to May, but cautions that it only looked for sex-specific scholarships on “publicly available web pages,” so it doesn’t cover all such scholarships.'

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