Australia: Stop the feminists control of domestic violence funding

Article here. Excerpt:

'Are you constantly shuddering over the latest madness from gender warriors to control our society? Here’s your chance for you to actually do something to try to rein them in.

The feminists are up in arms at the move by the federal government to provide some counselling for couples dealing with domestic violence; a tiny $10 million out of a budget of $328 million, which is the latest raft of funding adding to the huge cash cow which supports the domestic violence industry. This includes ongoing funding for the male-bashing Stop It At The Start television campaign, which has already cost $30 million.

See this Guardian article showing all the lobby groups lining up to try to put a stop to the couple counselling? They all promote the usual feminist propaganda, claiming domestic violence invariably involves dangerous men controlling their partners and suggesting couples counselling puts women at risk.'

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To put it another way, what feminists are saying is that it is useless to talk and only physical interactions matter. Meanwhile, realists understand that having a couple talking over their problem(s) can help.

And can women be harmed? Yes, of course they can: they might be exposed as violent and abusive users, which could be counter to the story they have told everyone to that point. Very upsetting, I'm sure.

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