Single men are choosing cats to take the stress off finding a partner and offer emotional support

Article here. Excerpt:

'A study into the rise of moggie-owning male singletons revealed one in four thinks their pet has taken the pressure off being single, as they are good company in lieu of a partner.

Another 29 per cent like having their cat around as they are "good to talk to", and half believe their pet helps "keep them calm."

One in 10 even went as far to say their cat offered "counsel" through an emotional break-up.

Jonny Gould, CEO for pet wellbeing firm which commissioned the study, said: “The news comes as a blow for man’s best friend, with a quarter of single men going as far as to say cats are on their way to usurping dogs from their throne.

“Our feline friends can often come up against a bit of stick for being independent and aloof, so it’s great to shine a compassionate light on how the nation’s cats are taking care of us.

“Cats can offer great emotional support, so it’s only fair that we take care of them in return."'

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... that remark!

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