Sex doll ruling arouses controversy in South Korea

Article here. Excerpt:

'A petition calling for a ban on importing life-size sex dolls into South Korea has gathered nearly a quarter million signatures as of Friday, passing a threshold that requires the president’s office to respond to the matter.

While sex dolls are not illegal in South Korea, government customs agencies had blocked their import under a law that restricts materials that “corrupt public morals.”

However, the Seoul High Court said in January that sex dolls were for personal use and should be treated differently than pornography, which is heavily restricted under South Korean law. That decision was upheld by the supreme court in June.'

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... are women afraid of the competition. Men prefer to fuck silicone dolls vs. put up with women's bullshit. It's that simple. Females know this and are making up bullshit reasons why sex dolls shouldn't be allowed under the law. Not too hard to figure out.

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