What Men Need to Teach Boys Today More Than Anything

Article here. Excerpt:

'Rachel Giese’s controversial, prize-winning book Boys: What it Means to Become a Man asks a simple question that, once asked, has no end of complex, interwoven answers. The question is one most readers will be surprised has not been asked before: feminism changed how women live and how girls are raised. But what about boys?

In Giese’s wide-ranging study, Boys posits that masculinity is not something to be downplayed, nor automatically dismissed as “toxic”, but instead is a daily reality lived by half the human population and a construct that is centuries overdue for a cultural and psychological tune up. Boys and young men can be raised to be empathetic, nurturing, and emotionally open, but our culture inhibits such growth. Subsequently, boys become men before they are ready to be adults – and the pressures to perform a masculinity that is not only outdated but self-harming is relentless.'

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... a woman telling boys and men how to be manly.

That'll work. Sure.

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Spot on Matt. Feminist never get tired of femsplaining masculinity. Just like changing the curtains or repainting the house, always full of their own self importance and ideas about how men could be better if they just shut up and did what they're told.

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