Here We Go: "He Couldn't Get Laid"

Article here. Excerpt:

'From those mass shooters who have attacked the innocent before, we know it’s a specific strain of anger — deep, repressed, biblically vengeful — felt most commonly by young men, almost always white, who report feeling alienated, dispossessed, misunderstood, victimized and all too often rejected by women.

Their chosen outlet is the mass slaughter of innocents, carnage at places the rest of us once deemed safe — schools, hospitals, places of work and worship, concerts, carnivals — all meant to hold us hostage, in fear of the next reprisal we’re not responsible for and won’t see coming.'

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The author seems to think mass shooters are motivated by RATIONAL explanations. "I'm angry" is something 100 of 100 men could say yet not one pull a gun and start shooting. Also true if they're all 20 and white.

As for "he couldn't get laid"... no. The Internet is teeming with cheap, easy hookers from every walk of life. It's probably easier and cheaper for a guy to get laid these days than ever before, at least since the founding of civilization when women found a ready way to monetize their vaginas.

But it's naive to think they waited til money was invented to do that. :)

The difference between this "angry young white man" and millions of others is this one was nuts and the others are not. Well, at least not homicidally.

But if you want to know why a young white man is angry, rather than speculate, you could ask him. Then, don't hop all over his shit when he actually tells you.

Hard to count on feminists and similar to refrain from doing so, so I recommend that young men talk about any homicidal anger they feel with their fellow men. Women/feminists/SJWs are not "safe" to talk to and should be avoided.

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