He Helped Expose The Absurdity Of Gender Studies And Was Investigated For Misconduct By His University

Article here. Excerpt:

'Last year, three scholars submitted fake research papers to various journals in an effort to show that sanity and reason go out the window when it comes to gender issues. The hoax was a success, with seven out of 20 papers accepted for publication (four were published before the hoax was exposed) and seven more were under review. Just six were rejected.

After the hoax was revealed, one of the scholars, Portland State University philosophy professor Peter Boghossian, was investigated by his employer for alleged ethics violations relating to his research project, as The Daily Wire previously reported. Last week, Boghossian received the final results of the investigation, which concluded he did not violate any standards pertaining to the ethical treatment of animals, nor did he plagiarize, fabricate, or falsify any research. PSU did find, however, that Boghossian had violated norms relating to “human subjects’ rights and protection.”

Boghossian’s research papers were fake. There were no actual test subjects for the papers. The "test subjects" were the people who accepted the papers without thoroughly reviewing them.'

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