Police Actually Use Campus Title IX Proceedings To Get Around Civil Liberties

Article here. Excerpt:

'In 2015 I wrote about a police officer who bragged about using information provided by colleges and universities to get around an accused person’s Miranda and constitutional rights.

The officer, Susan Riseling, was the chief of police and associate vice chancellor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (now retired). She told a conference four years ago that police could use information from schools to nail the accused.

"It's Title IX, not Miranda," she said. "Use what you can."

It was a frightening statement at the time, as the number of lawsuits against colleges and universities for violating the due process rights of accused students was increasing. Riseling’s comments suggest a whole new world of horror for innocent students accused under the new “everyone accused is guilty” rules. If a student wished to exercise his right not to speak to police, law enforcement could just go to the school and obtain his previous interviews with Title IX officials, if there were any.'

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