Therapists need to check their sexism, too (and other recommendations from the APA's new guidelines)

Article here. Excerpt:

'The guidelines focus heavily on the persistence of subtle forms of sexism, including microaggressions. Harvard psychiatrist Chester Pierce, who coined the term in 1970, described them as racially charged "subtle blows ... delivered incessantly." A little more than a decade ago, Columbia psychology professor Derald Wing Sue expanded the concept of microaggressions to include its affects on other marginalized groups, including women.

"There have been changes in how racism and sexism are exhibited. Now it can show up more in terms of microaggressions and sometimes the person who is engaging in the behavior — whether a hetero-sexist, an ageist, a racist — may not be aware they're doing that because of their implicit biases," Comas-Díaz said.'

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... so fragile as to require this level of indulgence or is it a new thing?

Or has the APA been taken over by nutcases?

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