Women Have It Made

Article here. Excerpt:

'But here in the REAL world, the one where technology has rendered the one true advantage men once had - strength - virtually obsolete, the ladies really do have it made (well, other than the occasional mentally-ill biological male dominating a few female sporting events by pretending to be a woman). Turns out, in what is the safest, most prosperous time in all of human history, from economic wealth to lifespans to criminal justice to literal murder, it’s far better to be female.

And it’s really not even close. Consider:

Four out of five murder victims are male, and men are the victims of most violent crimes. According to Bureau of Justice Statistics, “Males experienced higher victimization rates than females for all types of violent crime except rape/sexual assault.” In 2016, 19.6 males out of every 1,000 aged 12 or older were the victims of a violent crime, far surpassing the still tragic 1.6 out of 1,000 people, both males and females, who are victims of sexual assault.
Men are generally punished more harshly than women for the same crimes.

No matter where they are in the world or under what conditions, women live longer than men.

Women are entering college, and graduating, at a significantly higher rate than their male counterparts.

Women hold 60 percent of the personal wealth in the United States, and own 51 percent of the stocks.'

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