Divorced from Justice

Article here. Excerpt:

'The real problem with current divorce law is that already does precisely what Mr Gauke will allow it to do more: excises justice from the legal system and turns the law into an instrument of plunder. One spouse can unilaterally abrogate the marriage contract without having to show any legally recognized transgression by the other, and without having to incur the consequences, and then collude with divorce practitioners against an innocent spouse, confiscate his children, loot everything he has, and even threaten him with jail if he fails to cooperate.

The very concept of "no-fault" justice is an oxymoron. It is no justice at all, and when the judiciary stops dispensing justice it starts dispensing injustice. There is no third alternative.

Unilateral and involuntary divorce is already the most radical legal innovation ever undertaken in the English-speaking democracies. It overturns the most basic principles of the Common Law, limited government, bills of rights, and more. Yet no public debate was ever held, either before it was first implemented in the 1970s or since.'

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... men not only should avoid marriage generally but also fatherhood. The law makes it very hazardous for men to reproduce.

I honestly think all these changes to the law in the areas of marriage and reproduction is part of a concerted depopulation agenda. Not that I don't like that. Humanity needs to get a lot less numerous. But I am sure there must be a way to do that without abrogating centuries of legal precedent.

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