'White male titans' of classical music are putting young people off the art form, Royal Albert Hall director claims

Article here. Excerpt:

'The “White male titans” of classical music are putting young people off the art form, the Royal Albert Hall director has claimed.

While Mozart, Beethoven and Bach are all household names, female composers and those from ethnic minority backgrounds are much less celebrated, according to a new survey.

Young people are also suffering from a lack of access to the genre because of the poor levels of music education in the UK, says Lucy Noble, artistic and commercial director at the Royal Albert Hall.'

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... heard it all. How about this: ppl generally don't like classical music bc there are no lyrics to sing along to.

It's that simple.

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the british invasion of the 60's and early 70's? I can think of no musical brit rock group of that era that wasn't almost entirely white guys. probably 99%. we going to hate on them some too? let's burn their records. i'll do it. just mail them to me. job done. there were lots of great Motown talent here in the u.s., and some few serious non-white rock icons, like Hendrix. but hey, if u need to find someone to hate, go for it. its really getting old. too bad these nuts don't have another song to sing. I guess if u can't understand the genius of something, condemn it. there was a time when I couldn't understand how people could get sucked in by Marxist foolishness. nowadays one need only turn on the teevee to see sheer idiocy in action.

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