Former SG leader accused of sexual assault gets expulsion removed from his record

Article here. Excerpt:

'A former Student Government leader who was kicked out of school in May 2017 for allegedly assaulting a female student in his dorm room has gotten the expulsion removed from his record.
The turnaround in the Goetz case began in December, when three Pinellas County circuit judges ruled that Goetz’s rights of due process were denied by both the university’s student conduct board and Dean of Students Jacob Diaz.

Reversing their own June 12, 2018, ruling, the judges said the board and the dean relied on a summary of an investigative report – “the only document on which USF relied in presenting its case” – in making their decisions.

That meant, the judges wrote, that some evidence and testimony that went into the investigative report was not made available to Goetz, whose “due process rights were violated by the nondisclosure of information that either directly or materially affected what was actually presented at the hearing.”

The judges ordered a rehearing.'

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