College promotes men's cuddling group to 'redefine masculinity'

Article here. Excerpt:

'A Pennsylvania university is promoting the concept of men cuddling as a way to help them deal with stress and "redefine masculinity."

Dr. Christopher Liang, a counseling psychology professor at Lehigh University’s College of Education, recently came out in support of a Philadelphia area “Men‘s Therapeutic Cuddle Group,” a function advertised by Lehigh University in a news release. The page for the group currently has 69 members and the group has held 46 events so far. The meetups are held once every other week.

Organizers have established quite an expansive set of guidelines for attendees. The men attending must be “hygienically sound” and “remain fully clothed at all times.” The group’s organizers state that all cuddling is “non-sexual.” However, they do note that participants may become aroused during cuddling and that if that occurs, it should be treated as a normal thing.'

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... but re-defining masculinity won't be one of them.

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This guy was one of the authors of the APA guidelines for the psychological practice for boys and men. He assumes the same "us, the enlightened ones" and "them, the men too toxic to matter" attitude that inspired the APA attempt to redefine masculinity.

The arrogance and elitism of these men is astonishing. They have no concept of being wrong what so ever. Their adoption of the cringeworthy feminist approved ideological hatred of masculinity, and the shallow, entirely negative framing of masculinity that is core to feminist misandry, is complete and unchallenged (i.e. they lack insight). They can only understand men who don't agree with them as being unevolved.

How very sad they are.

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I just watched a disturbing video on 'bitchute' about a mother preparing to chemically castrate a 6 yo boy against his father's wishes. the boy presents himself as a boy to dad but mom has started him down the road to gender reassignment. david knight is the site owner on bitchute. this crap has been out of control for a while now.

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