Male councilors question all-female Santa Fe commission

Article here. Excerpt:

'Does a proposal to create a women’s commission with the intent of advancing opportunities and improving the quality of life for women and girls discriminate against men?

Two men on the City Council think that perhaps it does.

Councilors Mike Harris and Roman Abeyta raised that concern during a Monday meeting of the council’s Public Works Committee.
Harris pointed to the proposed resolution defines “women” as “transgender women, self-identifying women and girls, and gender non-conforming individuals.” Based on that definition, he said he couldn’t understand why men were being excluded.

Harris wondered aloud if there were any other city committees whose membership was determined by age, race, gender or religion. City staff likened the proposed panel to the Mayor’s Youth, Senior Services and Veterans advisory boards, which are made up of children, senior citizens and military veterans, respectively.

Harris was the only committee member to vote against the proposal, but Councilor Abeyta also questioned why men wouldn’t be allowed to serve on the commission.'

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