SAVE: Sen. Jackson Defies Judicial Rulings, Ridicules Witnesses in Effort to Fast-Track Controversial Campus Bill

Article here. Excerpt:

'Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (SAVE), a national leader in campus sexual assault, is today expressing its concern over tactics being used by California Sen. Hannah Beth Jackson in an effort to fast-track her Education: Sex Equity bill. SB-493 would train campus Title IX staff in “trauma-informed” methods; ban the use of direct cross-examination; and allow the use of “single-investigator” investigations in which the same person serves as judge, jury, and executioner.

In 2017, Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed SB-169, the predecessor to SB-493, citing its numerous due process problems. Last November, a working group appointed by Gov. Brown issued a series of recommendations that were intended to guide state lawmakers in crafting legislation designed to combat campus sexual assault.

But SB-493 embodies and even worsens many of the same due process flaws as SB-169. In its Comment in Opposition to SB-493, being released today, SAVE notes the following:'

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