SAVE: Press conference: "The Multi-Million Dollar Fallacy of 'Victim-Centered' Investigations"

On Thursday we held a press conference in Washington, DC titled, "The Multi-Million Dollar Fallacy of 'Victim-Centered' Investigations."

The presenters were:

  • Trent Cromartie: "I Was a Victim of a 'Victim-Centered' Investigation"
  • Cynthia Garrett: “Trauma-Informed Theories Disguised as Evidence"
  • Eric Rosenberg: “Victim-Centered Investigations in Title IX Disciplinary Proceedings: A Litigator’s Perspective”
  • E. Everett Bartlett: “Start By Believing: Good for Counselors and Therapists, Bad for Detectives and Investigators"

The event was well-received. The link is here.

Our online petition now has 1,229 signers:

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