This conservative scholar's findings challenge popular narrative on the Left

Article here. Excerpt:

'“While that gender favoritism for women in terms of a disproportionate share of campus resources for women, including scholarships, fellowships, women's centers, women's commissions, programs, initiatives, conferences, clubs, camps, awards, etc. may have made sense in the early 1970s when Title IX was passed and women were the minority sex, it no longer makes sense today when women are the majority sex and more academically successful than men,” Perry added.

“In fact, the prevalent sex discrimination against men in higher education, and gender favoritism for women, in violation of federal civil rights laws, is now increasingly being increasingly and successfully challenged,” the scholar told Campus Reform. “The goal of Title IX was gender equity in higher education, not the gender favoritism for women we see today, and I think the Office for Civil Rights largely agrees, based on their recent Title IX rulings against sex discrimination against men.”'

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