The Reason Some Doctors Argue Men Should Get Circumcised

Article here. Excerpt:

'Male circumcision is a “powerful tool to reduce the global burden of STIs on women,” claims a new article published in the journal Frontiers in Public Health. The authors, an international team of physicians, suggest that the benefits of the procedure to women’s health are compelling enough that women should be actively involved in advocating for male circumcision.

They argue that women can help reduce female STI and cervical cancer rates by circumcising their sons, urging male family members and friends to opt for the procedure, choosing circumcised sex partners, and—if they have an uncircumcised partner—encouraging him to “snip the tip.”

They’re basically saying that foreskin is such a major threat to women’s health that women should support global efforts to eradicate it. To be clear, they think that men should support these efforts, too, because they believe circumcision offers STI protection regardless of gender.'

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