Joe Biden blames 'white man's culture' for sexual assaults: 'It's got to change'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden on Tuesday blamed “white man’s culture” for allowing sexual assaults on women to persist in America.

“It’s the culture, a white man’s culture. It’s got to change,” Mr. Biden said an award ceremony for students working to end rape on college campuses.

He made the remark as he prepares to enter a crowded Democratic presidential race that includes several women and black hopefuls.

Mr. Biden said that the recent sexual assault allegations aired at confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh showed that very little had changed since Anita Hill made similar allegations during Justice Clarence Thomas’ confirmation hearings in 1991.'

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aka Touchy McFeely, the creepy nutty uncle who says the nuttiest things.

Biden talks like he wants a sex change AND skin color change operation.

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One of the secrets of the "rape culture" movement is that many of the accused are black and many of the accusers are white. A white woman accusing a black man of rape or sexual assault is not something new in American culture. This was true in the AFA sex scandal of a few years back--most of the accuers were white, most of the accused were black. I was in touch with the mother of one of the accused--a young black man against whom the charges were eventually dropped, but not before his career was harmed substantially. His accuser faced expulsion for her behavior before she suddenly remembered being raped at an AFA camp. Suddenly, she was a heroine and victim instead of facing expulsion. Ditto for other accusers in the scandal--making a claim of sexual assault kept them from being expelled for other reasons.

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