Pakistan: Sending ‘good morning’ texts to women is also harassment, says Kashmala Tariq

Article here. Excerpt:

'Federal Ombudsperson for Protection Against Harassment (FOSPAH) at workplaces, Kashmala Tariq, said on Tuesday that sending ‘good morning’ text messages to women at the work place is also considered harassment.

She was addressing a Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) in Rawalpindi on ‘Women’s Day’.

“I have received complaints in which peons have also harassed women at offices,” she said.

Tariq said that harassment is not only limited to being sexual, but can be of any form.

“If someone constantly asks you out for tea, it is also a kind of harassment,” said the FOSPAH.

She said that there should be a harassment committee in every institution and CCTV cameras should be installed everywhere at an office.'

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My goodness. They have crazed, wild-eyed looney feminists in Pakistan, too.

If anything torpedoes the Muslim religion, it'll be feminism. Not the let-women-vote kind but the 3rd/4th wave nutty kind that is currently running amok in the west.

It is true that an institution such as a religion can be brought down by assaults from without. However these are more likely to be done in by something from within.

Feminism may not be that which does in Islam. But it'll be one of the forces that does it in. You have only to look at Christian and Judaic religious institutions to see what I mean. They are slowly imploding due to multiple forces from without and within. In both those cases, feminism has been a powerful force for bringing them down. Islam will certainly follow the same general path to eventual dissolution.

Actually the way things are going, it won't just be those three religions. It'll be a lot of things. But at least the population will finally shrink.

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“I have received complaints in which peons have also harassed women at offices,” she said.

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