Doctors bravely declare the sexes to be different

Article here. Sacrilege! Not only does it report on a disease that kills men more aggressively than women, but the article actually admits that the sexes are profoundly different. Unthinkable! Bet the doctors quoted in this article get assailed and the article's author gets pilloried. Excerpt:

'Men are more likely to die of brain cancer than women and a new study helps explain why. Glioblastoma tumors are fundamentally different in men and women, the researchers found.

Different processes drive glioblastoma tumors in men and women, and they respond differently to treatment, Dr. Josh Rubin of Washington University in St. Louis and colleagues showed. They believe the same may be true for other tumors, too, and say cancer researchers may need to go back to the drawing board when evaluating treatments for men versus women.
Males and females are different from the moment of conception. Male blastocysts — the balls of cells that start growing after sperm meets egg — grow more quickly, Rubin said. Genetics affect this: men have an X and Y chromosome while females have two X chromosomes. There’s a process called imprinting in which certain genes are silenced depending on whether they come from the father or mother, and a woman’s hormones affect the activity of a baby’s genes in the womb.'

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