The women's health 'crisis' masks the men's health crisis

Article here. Excerpt:

'The recent “pink wave” swept into Congress an unprecedented number of women, many of whom put women’s health high on their list of priorities.

There’s no question that much can — and should — be done to improve women’s health. However, there’s also no question that a legislative focus on women’s health continues to ignore a far larger problem: the very real crisis in men’s health.
Despite the overwhelming evidence that American males are far worse off than females, talk of women’s health “crisis” persists. And there’s a lot of money behind that talk.'

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Men die earlier than women and more often in accidents and by murder, etc., etc.???

Who gives a great flying fuck! The fewer men there are, the better! Let 'em all drop dead tomorrow for all anyone cares!

Good riddance!

The more men die, the more pussy for me.


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