Australia: Paper stands to defend women-only parking spaces

Article here. Excerpt:

'Parking spaces for females only have sparked new claims they are sexist.

The City of Perth council has designated 28 spots in the CBD as 'reserved for female drivers'.

Outraged motorists have claimed the parking spaces discriminate against men, and perpetuate the myth that women are bad drivers.

The 28 female-only parking bays are fitted out with brighter lights, emergency help buttons and situated near exits to assist in creating a safer environment for female patrons, City of Perth chief executive Martin Mileham said.

Some drivers have been quick to mention female privilege and question whether these prime spots impact the elderly, disabled, or parents with prams.

But others say the statistics speak for themselves, and insist safety is often a serious concern for women in dark, enclosed parking garages.'

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Basically this many spaces for females means women who are not in to work by 6:00 AM are now in GREAT DANGER of rape/murder/leering/fondling/spontaneous French kisses for hours under moon-light/etc. This isn't fair to sleep-challenged women so we need more. I say half the garage if not more should be "pink". But in truth men being anywhere in a garage esp. after dark is scary/dangerous to women so it's time for female-only garages with castle-like walls and machine gun nests and armed guards patrolling 24/7. Female guards. Of course.

Men should be made to park 3 miles away and arrive by cramped, rodent-infested bus and rail line, crammed together like cattle. Makes me feel bad for cattle just thinking about it (as I finish my hamburger).

Hell next thing you know they'll want their own office spaces! Umm, wait. OK, so, next thing you know, it'll be women-only comedy shows and women-only music festivals and women-only... hmmm. OK. Already have that stuff.

Maybe they need their own country.

Femina. I can see it in the distance now. A shining beacon of Feminist Sisterhood on a hill or some place they can mount machine guns on to let any man approaching have it but good, fuck yeah!

Just sayin'.

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