More female leaders at big companies plan to give themselves raises—here’s why it’s a big deal

Article here. Excerpt:

'A new survey shows that more female executives plan to give themselves a raise next year. That's good news not just for them but for American working women generally, argues the president of the Women's Presidents Organization and the founder of EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women, since it could help in the long-term fight for equal pay.

“One important part of closing the gap starts with those lucky enough to set their own salaries,” Marsha Firestone and Lisa Schiffman write in the Harvard Business Review. “What women in this category accomplish matters not only to them but also to our entire economy.”

EY's Entrepreneurial Winning Women program worked with WPO — which includes thousands of female presidents, CEOs and directors of privately held multimillion-dollar companies — to release its annual Business Outlook Survey. After surveying 413 WPO members, the organization finds that over 47 percent of women expect to give themselves a raise of 1 to 20 percent, while just over 5 percent of women plan to give themselves a raise of 20 percent or more.'


The Pay Gap At The Top Of Corporate America Is Not What You Think

'The eight female chief executive officers at the 100 largest companies in the U.S. earned $22.7 million on average last year, compared with $14.9 million for the male CEOs, according to data analyzed by compensation analytics firm Equilar. 

The highest paid individuals on the list were the co-CEOs at Oracle — a woman, Safra Catz, and a man, Mark Hurd. They each earned $53.2 million, according to Equilar. Six of the other female CEOs clustered between $17 and $22 million in total compensation, which includes stock.'

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