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Our latest feature is from Dr. Karl Glasson, the owner of the IHF ( web site. In his essay, Karl looks at the role models boys are looking up to today and isolates this as a very serious issue of our time. The media, Karl vehemently argues, portrays men so negatively these days because anti-male feminists dominate the media and don't want anything positive said about them. Read on for an extremely engaging and controversial essay!

Entire Human Race Faces Extinction from Meteor Impact - Thanks to Feminism

by Dr. Karl Glasson,

You think that I'm joking, don't you? Not at all.

There cannot be a person in the country who is not aware of the long-term damaging effects of failing to bring up our boys properly. And one of the things that boys really do need in order to develop as citizens fit for society are strong, good, well-adjusted male role models.

'Role models'. The term doesn't have much impact, does it? And yet, without them, where, into what, through what channels, are boys to develop? Where are they supposed to 'go'. Into what are they supposed to 'grow'? How are they supposed to 'know' what to grow into? Who's directing them?

Their morality, their attitudes, their behaviour, their knowledge, their expertise doesn't come from the air - and they aren't built-in at birth. They come from what they see around them as they grow up. And they come from society teaching them, and indoctrinating them, with values that will benefit us all. They come from infusing young boys with a positive attitude towards doing things from which all of society will benefit. That's how societies are formed, that's how they progress, and that's how they better themselves.

Now, hundreds of thousands of our boys simply do not have any decent role models. Even if the fathers are at home (and for so many, they aren't) where are the others? Where do boys encounter men who are going to steer their growth, directly or indirectly?

Well, for many boys, the only available men (or, rather, older boys) are the ones out on the streets or in the clubs. They're the ones sleeping around, taking drugs, doing badly at high school, drinking, stealing cars, shoplifting, and, well, generally behaving badly, because there's nothing much else for them to do.

And then there's the TV.

Now, you really don't think that our young lads are watching the News or Songs of Praise every week, do you? So from where, exactly, are they getting their moral training? They don't even watch programmes like BBC's Question Time. They don't see the scientists on Equinox or Horizon. They don't watch programmes that make them think about their futures or about their roles in life. Some do, but the vast majority don't.

By and large, they're watching crap! And that includes the popular soaps like Eastenders, and the Hollywood films, where, in both cases, boys can relate to rapists, fraudsters, gangsters, drug pushers, abusers, child molesters, wife beaters, absent dads, adulterers, harassers, stalkers, burglars, murderers, serial killers, traitors, arsonists. These are the 'heroes'. These are the ones who push at the boundaries.

And then there are the footballers, who are adored by hundreds of thousands of our boys. But footballers, well, they're mostly playing football.

So, from where are boys to get their direction?

When I was a lad, there were the dads at home, mine and everybody else's. There were loads of male teachers, and even priests, working within the educational system. On the telly, there was John Wayne always fighting the baddies. There was Dixon of Dock Green. There was Elvis - and even though he took drugs, we didn't know it at the time! He always had that spiritual, Christian aura. And then off he went to fight for his country.

And then there were scoutmasters and youth leaders, now all gone because of the dangers of working with children.

There were hordes of men doing good things all around us when we were lads. They showed us the ropes.

But where are the good men now?

They've all but disappeared from the TV screens because the feminist media always want material that portrays men as bad, violent, abusing and aggressive. They want us all to see men as the 'evil' ones. And they have succeeded so well in this, that it is even considered funny when a man has his penis cut off. Can you even imagine any mainstream comedian on TV making a joke about a woman having her breasts cut off? Would anyone laugh?

In Germany, the Nazis managed to achieve the same with their propaganda, and people laughed when Jews were killed. They really did laugh you know. That's how effective the propaganda was then. It's the same type of thing now. It's considered funny for a man to be severely mutilated. That's the world that we men live
in. That's the society we have created.

It's not nice.

I remember Joe Brand, in her series, describing men's genitals as being 'disgusting and ugly'. She said it with venom. Can you imagine what women would feel like if this appalling kind of insult was constantly put out by the mainstream media about their genitals - and people laughed and applauded? That's how it was in
Germany, in the 30's. That's how it is now, right here.

The feminist-indoctrinated media industry, the shallowest of all industries, continues to succeed to portray men in a way that women would find intolerable if they did this to them. But the men that they portray are the role models for our boys.

In real life, as opposed to on the screen, the trumped-up hysteria over child abuse has made it unsafe for men to work with children, and so the scoutmasters and youth leaders have gone. And so have the teachers. Our primary schools have a massive shortage of male teachers.

So, again, I ask you. Where are the male role models for our boys?

Now, the evidence shows very clearly that boys do better at school educationally, they are better behaved, and they grow up into better citizens if they have good, male teachers within their schools. They relate to these teachers and they are much influenced by them. Female teachers, however, cannot achieve the same results - though the selfish, lying, feminist-indoctrinated teachers argue otherwise. The truth, however, is that boys know where they are 'heading' in terms of growing up, and they know that they are not going to become women!

They simply do not 'identify' with female teachers. Further, as far as boys are concerned in particular, they feel that they are moaned at by women at school throughout the day, and then they are moaned at by women, their mothers, when they return home. By the time they're thirteen, they've had enough of it! And their attitude towards women is very badly affected. (So much so, that single mothers have often given up by then, and this is when the boys start hitting the streets in large numbers.) But who can blame the boys? Moaning, whingeing women is how they see it. All day long. All night long.

They then turn on the TV, and what do they see? Oprah, Ricki, Esther, Roseanne telling them how awful they are, or are going to be! It's complaining, whingeing women throughout their entire upbringing. Who can blame them for growing up with contempt for the entire gender?

Is it surprising that boys are becoming more and more of a real problem?

So, what is the government doing about getting more male teachers into our schools? Bugger All is the answer. Even though it would prevent thousands and thousands of our boys from being disadvantaged, with the consequent disruption to society, the government is doing nothing. Why? Because of Feminism.

We could get more men into the teaching profession by paying them more! Oh no, I hear you say. How can we possibly pay men more than women for doing the same job? It would be sex discrimination.

Well, there are two answers to this.

1. Not to do so is to discriminate against our boys. And very heavily so, in the most important areas of their young lives. Isn't this sex discrimination? Of an even worse kind? Sex-discrimination against children! A type of discrimination for which we will all pay a price? Of course it is. But nothing gets in the way of Feminist Ideology. And it doesn't matter that boys are disadvantaged.

2. Don't we keep hearing the phrase that the children are 'paramount'? Well, if they really are, then why is no-one doing anything about this problem? And the answer to this is very simple again. The children of this country are only considered to be paramount when it suits women - and feminists, in particular. If it comes to offending feminists, then the children can go to Hell. Paying male teachers more would be seen as favouring males. This would offend feminists. Thus, even though our boys will be discriminated against, and society, therefore, will be worse off, we must never upset the feminists. They are number one. (I'm not going to continue with this theme here, for it is evidenced throughout this website, but it really can be shown that, in this country, children are only considered to be paramount when it suits women. And this is evident in very many areas.)

The result of failing to bring up our boys properly, and honing in on their talents, particularly those 'narrow-minded', focused, competitive talents that we are now so accustomed to hearing about (as opposed to the female 'talents' of 'multi-tasking') is that instead of aspiring to, and being educationally capable of, becoming scientists, technicians, medical researchers, and so on, our boys are becoming more 'worthless', more superficial, more antagonistic and more concerned with 'show' than with 'depth'.

How much better for all of us if they were really encouraged to develop their particular talents in those areas that society benefits so much from. Shouldn't we be aiming to train thousands more of them towards futures in medicine, cancer research, gene programmes, environmental work, space exploration, computer sciences, technology, construction, food production, and so on? Wouldn't it be better if we were supplying the planet with armies of young men keen to foster peace, keen to alleviate poverty and food shortages, and keen to make the whole place better for all people? Wouldn't this be better than pandering to the feminist hate of them, disadvantaging them, and turning them into dysfunctional prison fodder?

The callous disregard of our boys' education by a society that continually panders to feminist vindictiveness toward the male gender is doing none of us any good at all. It may make feminists feel superior, and you can see them often gloating in the press about how poorly our boys are behaved and how poorly they do at school - but nobody benefits from all this. Society is harmed.

Whether it be a boy who ends up in prison or a boy who has simply failed his exams, who benefits?

Feminism has most of the media by the throat, it controls policies in our schools, it actively debilitates men in virtually all the areas of their lives, including their families, and it creates a climate where boys and men cannot function properly. And we are ALL paying the price of this.

Our real enemy is the very world that we live in. Nature is not on our side. If we cannot get our act together, worldwide, then we are not going to make it. And, at the moment, the most divisive ideology one can possibly dream up, where men and women are encouraged to hate each other, is alive and kicking. Feminism.

It has got to go.

It has to be destroyed.

And I urge all men to join the fight against it.

This article can also be found directly on Karl's site, at this link.

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