What About This Patriarchy Stuff?

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An alternate, more reasonable and realistic definition and discussion of Patriarchy than is typical is below. I also discuss our SJW/feminist types and how they diverge from how their ideological ancestors used to be.


Patriarchy as characterized by feminists isn't an accurate rendering.  Patriarchy is a product of hyper-specialization of the sexes among humans.

Broadly-speaking, Patriarchy is the general state of affairs in a society such that men occupy most of the more vital or significant task roles and also assume a bulk of the society's responsibilities, especially in the non-reproductive realm where child-minding is concerned.  (The reason for this exception is explained below.)  This definition differs markedly from the feminist definition.

Most higher animals vary little in relation to one another in terms of sex.  Male and female cats for example don't vary much physiologically, yet female cats still produce kittens and males don't.  Re humans, much of the body cavity layout in human females' internal systems are oriented toward accomodating reproduction.  Arguably, to create one new human, it requires roughly 70% of her bodily resources at the highest infant development stages.  Even then, a lot can go wrong.  And in a state of nature, women are all but helpless in the last stage of pregnancy.  Humans produce utterly helpless offspring and they stay that way for literally years.  New offspring require near-constant attention from at least one human.

So, Man needed to develop a very social brain and systems of inter-relating to support successful reproduction.  Because for over 99% of human history our infant death rate was 7 or 8 in 10, and our life expectancy was maybe 30 or 40, human women needed to focus much of their time and energy on making babies.  Men evolved in such a way to maintain and defend the interests of human females and children.  Without this specialization of men, humanity would have died out because it could not provide for and defend its young successfully.  This remained true through ancient history.  Civilization as we know it required huge amts of physical labor to maintain.  Practically speaking, only men could provide it.  And the high infant mortality rate remained unchanged.  Humanity may have gotten more civilized but its fundamental problems remained: high infant death rate, low life-span.  Patriarchy was the inevitable outcome of all these factors as a sheer matter of cause and effect.

Then a few key inventions and modern medical science came along.  Suddenly the infant death rate plummeted.  Human life-spans expanded greatly.  And physical labor was replaced by machine labor.  In a very short time, some ppl realized that patriarchy was no longer a required matter because the forces that brought it into being were no longer extant.  Hence the suffragette movement in the 19th C and the first women's rights convention.  Demands for expanding women's roles in society predictably increased as time went on.  The end of patriarchy is an inevitable consequence of modernity and its advances.

That Americans would create this movement is no surprise. Americans are eminently pragmatic.  When they see something that isn't necessary, they move to eliminate it or replace it w/ something more useful.  Eliminating patriarchy with a more equitable system makes sense.  But while this is a good and noble goal, the leaders of modern feminism are not in fact about equity.  The movement was once about equality of opportunity and rights between the sexes.  Today it isn't.  Feminism has morphed into a Female Supremacy movement.  #MeToo started as a justifiable effort to stop men in high places from abusing their positions sexually with women.  Alas it quickly morphed into a weaponized branch of modern feminism, now used as a way to attack men a woman or women don't for whatever reason like (eg: Garrison Keillor) or to get him replaced with a woman simply bc someone wants to see a woman hold his position regardless of qualification.

This is closely related to Marxist class struggle ideology wherein the notion of justice for the individual is vacated in the name of "class justice". This sort of thinking led to millions of deaths at the hands of Communists in the USSR as innocent ppl were sent to gulags just for being successful farmers or merchants.  This kind of class-oriented thinking is at the root of the modern so-called Social Justice movement.  It represents a real threat to western liberal civilization.

Don't allow ideologues to conflate the desire to see equal opportunities for women, which is an all but realized goal in the US, with the goals of modern so-called SJWs and feminists.  They are not the same.  Not even close.