Advice For College Students Seeking To Stop Campus Misandry

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The best thing right now to do is resist (with the goal of stopping it) the onslaught against male students as campus feminists seek to force males out of higher education.  At the same time, the best defense is a good offense.  WWII was won by the Allies by going on the attack, not merely waiting to defend Axis attacks.  Caught flat-footed in 1938, the Allies knew their complacency in the face of Hitler had been a huge mistake.  This analogy to feminism's chronic encroachment on justice for men and our interests follows a similar pattern.  Only when Hitler went too far by attacking Poland and France did the Allies know they'd blundered by not taking him or his rhetoric at face value. Men have been making the same blunder now for decades with regards feminist actions and rhetoric.

Like all extremist groups, eventually feminists will overplay their hand and bring about their own downfall (assuming there is still a game being played and they're not left with the only cards -- that is the danger). Fortunately, we're not there yet. The feminists' WWII-like blunder may well be their coordinated attack on male college students.  One thing is for sure: their recent anti-male campus crusade has focused much more attention on them, much of it negative, than they have received in the past.

The MRM shouldn't squander the opportunity this presents. Whether this is feminism's Poland or its Sudetenland annexation remains to be seen and depends largely on how well the MRM uses this opportunity.  The time to fight hardest is when the enemy is crossing the bridge, not after he (or she) has crossed it and is on your side of it, dug in and ready to finish the job.

Taking the battle to the enemy is key to the MRM's using the opportunity the emerging awareness around campus misandry presents to fight back against campus feminism. So if you feel you can take it on, start a student group to fight the effects of the current insane interpretation of Title IX as well as to start pushing back on the "preponderance standard" and de facto presumed guilt of any man accused of a sex-related offense on a college campus.  I suggest trying to get members by word-of-mouth and not via flyers on cork-boards at the student union; your efforts will be attacked and maybe thwarted before they get off the ground as angry feminists flip out on you and go on a campaign of personal destruction against you.  Indeed, you may well get a lot of hostility for trying from a number of quarters. First meeting places should probably even be off-campus and not announced publicly, especially if you get your first members via word-of-mouth. Think of the movie "Fight Club"; that may be the best model for gaining initial members, given that campus administrations in league with entrenched feminists may try to disrupt your efforts to associate and may even seek to penalize you in some way for trying to form an interest group that has the temerity to question the wisdom of feminist so-called thinking on these matters. The point is not to suggest you take to using a subversive model of organization; that isn't necessary and will make you look like something you are not. The point is to avoid being undercut right at the very beginning of your efforts to form an association by feminists and the administration who are likely to rush to quash any efforts to do so via character assassinations and protests at your meeting venues.

You are unlikely to get administration recognition and thus no funding from student activity fees.  Don't let that stop you.  You have the right to peaceably assemble and the freedom to associate. You don't need a nod from the administration, nor money from campus fees.

Come up with a statement of aims for the group, then a plan of action based on it.  The actions you take are more important than the statement, though that is important in that it ought to act as your guidance document. Activities can include lobby efforts by visit or email of both college administrators as well as legislators.  It can include protesting campus feminist events.  It can include coordinated letter-writing to the student paper.  And it can include working for justice for men in proactive ways that don't respond to feminist encroachments but are independent of them.  Not all planks in a platform need be nor ought to be defensive.  Like the Allies in WWII, the fight is both defensive and offensive.

You will be defamed.  You will be reviled.  But the people feeling that way about you aren't the kinds you want to be friends with, anyway.  And you may get falsely accused of something by a feminist in an effort to get rid of you.  Whether you want to risk it is up to you, but bear in mind that can happen to any male on today's college campuses regardless of his MRA status, and indeed, that is happening already. What you as a male college student or a female one who thinks the current state of affairs is unacceptable is going to do about it is another matter. Feminist college students are largely responsible for the state of affairs we have today. It'll take MRA college students to get the damage they have caused to become un-done, and it will take awhile. But the longer the MRM on college campuses waits, the harder un-doing this level of damage is going to be.