Canada: #WhoWillYouHelp PSA portrays men as sexual predators

Article here. Excerpt:

'Premier Kathleen Wynne is changing the way Ontario treats sexual violence and harassment.

Part of that plan involves a multimedia campaign including a powerful anti-sexual harassment and violence video that was posted on Youtube Friday morning with the hashtag #WhoWillYouHelp.

The Ontario premier wants to reform the way institutions like universities deal with it, what she calls the "culture of misogyny" and what is done to prevent these acts from transpiring.

"Today I'm challenging everyone in this province to step up and help end sexual harassment," she said in a speech in Toronto Friday.'

The #WhoWillYouHelp PSA is on YouTube here.

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Much of the so-called "misogyny" is a reaction to the pervasive misandry in Western culture. And as for so-called "sexual harassment", well, men are in the position of being expected to pursue relationships with women and take the initiative, but when they misjudge a woman's interest then it's "harassment/stalking".

I don't see much about that side of the story, though.

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So, according to this video I've been a victim of sexual harrassment (actual touching of the shoulders, chest without my permission) on more than one occasion - one time by a female professor (who of course was a feminist, and claimed that unwanted touching of any sort is sexual assault. Interesting how they never want to practice what they preach, yes?). Yet, according to the video, only men are perpetrators. Of course, anyone with a brain can see that women do the same behaviours portrayed in the video. I could easily find instances in which women either touch men without their permission, drug them, or take provocative photos/videos without their permission.
I honestly wish feminists would all take a flying leap already.


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