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Please use the following links to view and download MR-relevant documents and other files hosted on and off the MANN site:

  1. The Counter-Feminist Cyclopedia
    From the site: 'We set out to write a dictionary of useful terminology for people who oppose feminism. We were unable to keep the entries brief, and quickly found ourselves writing paragraphs and short articles. So we decided to call this a "cyclopedia" rather than a dictionary. As we see it, a cyclopedia is a cross between a dictionary and an encyclopedia: too fat to be a dictionary but too skinny to be a proper encyclopedia. Hence, a cyclopedia - a compromise solution.'
  2. Common Questions About Domestic Abuse Against Men
    A Q&A flyer discussing basic misconceptions about men as DV victims. Feel free to hand copies out as you see fit, that's why they're here.
  3. Getting the Facts: Research About Domestic Violence Against Men
    A flyer discussing references and resources providing research-based facts on the prevalence of DV against men. As above, spread far and wide.
  4. The Fiebert Bibliography
    A good listing of studies on domestic violence and its prevalence as well as its nature as an equal-opportunity problem is provided by this document titled "References Examining Assaults By Women On Their Spouses Or Male Partners: An Annotated Bibliography" by Prof. Martin S. Fiebert of California State University. If anyone tries to discount or dismiss as unsubstantiated claims that women can abuse men as much as vice versa, offer them this document. It cites over a hundred studies which show women are as abusive or more abusive than men in relationships. This 20-page document is a sure way to combat skepticism about the facts regarding domestic violence against men.
  5. CDC Study: More Men than Women Victims of Partner Abuse
    A watershed report summarized here as follows:
    According to a 2010 national survey by the Centers for Disease Control and U.S. Department of Justice, in the last 12 months more men than women were victims of intimate partner physical violence and over 40% of severe physical violence was directed at men. Men were also more often the victim of psychological aggression and control over sexual or reproductive health. Despite this, few services are available to male victims of intimate partner violence. This paper explores the extent of intimate partner violence against male victims. It looks at the domestic violence system response to male victims. It re-examines data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, research on the impact of IPV on male victims and the system´s response to it. More research is needed on IPV against men, its impact on men and the domestic violence service response to male victims. Public education is needed on the extent of IPV against males, and services need to be provided for these victims. Increased domestic violence education directed at women and services to men should lead to a reduction of DV against women as well as men, since woman aggressors frequently are themselves victimized subsequently.
  6. Interview Q&A
    A series of questions asked in 2013 sent to MANN by a journalism student in the US and the responses.
  7. The Relevance of Chivalry In Today’s “Post-Feminist” World
    An inquiry from an Australian student about the relevance of chivalry in a "post-feminist" world, and whether inequalities still exist for women.
  8. The Draconian Laws of India by Ravi Kumar (Dec. 23, 2014). From a MANN reader in India, a summary of laws he identifies as denying men and their relatives the rights of presumed innocence and due process (among other things) in several important contexts including marriage, criminal accusations of rape or child abuse, etc. The paper's summary paragraph: "There are 45 draconian laws in India against men and against their families. Most of these laws hold you guilty prior to trial and bring you in jail which is sometimes recognized as judicial-custody or police-custody that can last anywhere from three days to three months to years before even the trial has started."
  9. Shameless Self-Promotion
    I confess it. :) But seriously, much more about the topics addressed and to show that yes, it's entirely possible for an unapologetically MR-oriented opinion piece to get widespread, even international, exposure in the MSM. The MRM is on its way!
  10. Lobbying, Discussion, and Contact Strategies for MRAs. I wrote this since people new to any kind of activism may not know where to start or how to broach topics with representatives, friends, etc., once they decide to take up the MRM cause. So I hope this brief paper will be of value to people new to the MRM.
  11. The Misogyny Myth A very well-written article that exposes society-wide misogyny for the myth it is and instead points out that society-wide tendencies toward misandry are actually the norm. Should the article be unavailable, you can download it here.

As time goes on, documents and other kinds of files will be added. Check back as often as you like, there's no extra charge!