Making men sit to pee: A new war on masculinity?

Article here. Excerpt:

'First you had to put the seat down. Now you have to sit?

A Taiwanese plan that would force men to urinate sitting down, like women, for the sake of “hygiene” is not going down well with the chaps.

Stephen Shen (yes, a man), minister of Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration, recently spearheaded a policy that requires men to sit down while they do the deed in government buildings.

“We want to learn from Japan and Sweden,” the administration’s director, Yuan Shaw-jing, told the BBC. “In Japan, we heard 30 per cent of the men sit.”

Earlier this year, Swedish politicians tabled a motion calling for genderless office washrooms with toilets only, nary a urinal in sight. They claim that sitting is cleaner but also helps men empty out their bladders more fully, which is good for the prostate.'

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but didn't our poor pitiful leader of chumps recently give orders for the u.s. navy to take the urinals off u.s war ships? tell us who we can date (i.m.b.r.a.), make us get wife's permission for a vascectomy, false accusations against men not prosecuted, little boys raped and women get a slap on the wrist, divorce court a front for privilege and free stuff for women, on and on. and now they want us to take a slash (love that term) sitting down.

easy fix: continue to stand as you go, especially in unisex bathrooms. everybody loves to sit on fresh piss.

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