Baby Injured During At-Home Circumcision

Article here. Excerpt:

'A 3-month-old child was taken to a hospital in critical condition after his mother attempted to circumcise him at home, police said.

Portland police Sgt. Pete Simpson said officers arrived at a home at Northeast 127th Avenue and Burnside Street at about 2 a.m. Sunday to assist medics after a call of an injured child.

Police said they learned the mother had attempted to perform a medical procedure on the infant.
No arrests have been made at this point, Simpson said.'

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So why isn't the criminal child abuser identified and arrested?
Oh, I see! The the perp is a female and a mom too! My bad.

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Commentary from "The Intactivism Pages" listing of this article (here):

'It is legal for anyone to circumcise a male child, as long as they don't pretend to be a doctor.'


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I remember Tim Tebow on a show talking about how over the summer he helped circumcise little boys as part of a charity mission (in Asia I think). All I could think of was WTF? Not only is circ wrong, but I hardly think he is qualified.

I feel bad for the little boy in this article. I hope it serves as a wake up call for change.

The good news is another article said circ is down to 33% in the USA.

And I now have a maternity shirt that says "I'm bringing the whole baby home" So far no one has asked me about it, but I think I will wear it to my next doctor apt.

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Anybody who modifies the body of another, such as castrations and labial removals, is practicing medicine without a license. It is ridiculous that the AMA is going after chiropractors, and herbal remedy advisors, while non-doctors such as this woman are still legally allowed to perform circumcisions.

I guess it reflects the fact that males are not seen as full humans, just sub-humans. As sub-humans, they are not worthy of having the right to retain their body parts intact. Mohels and others who perform circumcisions for religious reasons should also be barred from doing this if they are not doctors. Consent should always be required by the victim -- I mean patient -- and of course that can only be provided if the male involved is an adult. This simple informed consent requirement, involving obtaining written permission by an adult who can make a reasoned decision, a process which is required for most surgical procedures, that would be enough bar virtually all childhood circumcisions.

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