Woman charged with baby murders

Link to article here. Excerpt:

'A US woman who allegedly stowed the remains of four children in her closet and threw the bones of another into a landfill has been charged with five counts of murder.

Michele Kalina, 44, had previously been charged with abuse of a corpse on August 9 after her daughter discovered containers with the tiny bodies inside a closet of their Philadelphia apartment.

Berks County District Attorney John Adams said Kalina gave her family strict orders not to open the living room closet.

But Kalina's daughter broke that rule and made the gruesome find.'

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This case of a mass murder of children has the Andrea Yates Tempo Insanity Defense written all over it. She will be found NOT GUILTY BY REASON OF TEMPORARY INSANITY and somehow the state and oppressive patriarchy was primarily responsible for her actions. Case closed.

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Feminists are desperately trying to believe that they still live in the time of wild feminism, which was the case just 5 years ago. But now feminism is dead. Which is the good news. The bad news is that it destroyed America.

Single men is the only social group benefited from feminism. Article here.

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This women is fucking child killer she deserves to be hung!

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