Woman pleads guilty to murdering husband in long-awaited trial open

Story here. Excerpt:

'The long-awaited second-degree murder trial of a woman suspected of shooting her wealthy former husband in 2004 is set to begin Oct. 25.

Forty-6-year-old Jan Waters is accused of killing 52-year-old Alan Waters in his Baton Rouge home after a long-running custody battle and dispute over money.'

Related article on same case here. Excerpt:

'A trial scheduled for Monday had all the makings of a made-for-TV movie, as the ex-wife of a wealthy man was accused of killing him in cold blood in their million dollar home in the Shenandoah area, but she shocked the courtroom when she pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Jan Waters' walk into court was her last as a free woman for years to come. She confessed to shooting her ex-husband, Alan Waters, in the chest on May 21, 2004. As the facts of the case were read aloud in court, Waters collapsed on one of her attorneys.'

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