Scottish police record record number of male victims of domestic abuse

Story here. Excerpt:

'AMIS today publishes statistics from the 8 Scottish police forces that show an increase of around 9.4% in the number of incidents that they recorded as domestic abuse or violence with a man as the victim in 2009-10 compared to 2008-9. The statistics also reveal a reduction of 6.1% in the number of incidents recorded with a woman as victim compared to 2008-9.

Within the acknowledged limitations of police statistics* one in six of recorded victims was male yet the reality remains that after 10 years of the Scottish Parliament there are virtually no support services in Scotland designed to help men and their children affected by domestic abuse or violence.'

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'AMIS co-founder, Jackie Walls says, “It has been a long road already for us to get this for the Awards For All funding that is allowing us to make a modest start to the enorm a small beginning but it is a beginning.”'

I signed that petition almost a year ago (my first real move towards the MRM as I was just starting to "seek" it out) and it only had about 450 signatures. They probably didn't use the right networks to get alot more signatures. However I think the two girls who started it described the petition very well and by the success of it others were already wanting to take on the issue. Its interesting how their small petition provided the important nudge. I also remember there being some very competent speakers at the hearing advocating the petition.

Now I don't know how all this transpired but I find it interesting nonetheless.

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