Australia: Penis burning wife guilty of manslaughter

It's all just a big joke to yahoo7. Link to article here. Excerpt:

'An Adelaide woman who killed her husband after trying to set his penis on fire has been found not guilty of his murder, but guilty of manslaughter.

A Supreme Court jury, after deliberating for nine hours over two days, ruled Rajini Narayan guilty of her husband's manslaughter after clearing her of murder in a majority verdict, Adelaide Now reports.

Nayaran, who threw petrol and a lit candle on the back of on Satish Narayan, said she was only trying to burn the tip of his penis, and she had no intention of killing him.

Satish died 20 days after his wife confronted him about a suspected affair in their Unley home in December 2008.

The prosecution argued the affair, and two decades of beatings, were the motivating factor in the crime - a claim Narayan denied.'

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She denied the affair and two decades of beatings were the motivating factor in the crime?!
What's her defense, then? Insanity? LOL.


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