Montel Williams Looking For Alienated NCPs

I received an e-mail forward concerning an upcoming Montel Williams talk show which will be on the topic of non-custodial parents who have been alienated from their children (by the other parent). If you'd like to info on how to get on the show, click "Read More" to see the instructions and contact info. Note that the deadline for being considered as a guest is August 23, so act now if you're interested!

The Montel Show is doing a show on ncp parents who have been denied a
relationship with their children due to visitation interference or

If you meet the following criteria, please contact the producers (names
phone numbers below):

1. You know where your children live.

2. You are estranged from your children due to interference or alienation
on the
part of the custodial parent.

3. You want to re-establish a relationship with your children.

4. You are willing and able to present your side of the story on national

The producers are especially interested in those who have older children
whom they are currently estranged due to interference and with whom you
like to be reconciled.

The show is tentatively scheduled to be taped the week of August 28, 2000
Deadline for contacting the Montel Show to be considered as a guest:
August 23,

Contact: Missy: 1-800-987-5446 (ext. 358)

Lenora 1-800-987-5446 (ext. 381)

If you meet the criteria outlined above, or if you know someone who does,
I urge
you to contact the producers as soon as possible. If chosen for the show,
would be flown to NY and be given expenses and a hotel.

Also, I implore you to forward this announcement to all other newsletters
which you are subscribed. It is important that this issue get the
attention it
deserves. It is a marvelous opportunity to let America know just how big
problem interference with visitation and custody really is.

Wishing you the best,

Lowell **** (Last name withheld)

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