Choice For Men Demonstration Update

I received a press release for the Choice for Men demonstration which is planned for Saturday, August 26, 2000, on Capitol Hill. Click "Read More" to read the press release. will be tracking the demonstration and I will provide updates on this site of how the demonstration progresses.


Washington, DC - On August 26, 2000 a few hundred Americans will assemble at
the West Front of the Capitol Building demonstrating for equal reproductive
rights for men. From 12 noon to 5:00 p.m, demonstrators will be displaying
signs, disseminating information, and giving away bumper stickers trying to
create public awareness about men's lack of reproductive choice.

Roe v Wade has given women the choice to opt out of the rights and
responsibilities of parenthood since 1973. Abortion usurps a man's choice to
be a father.

On the other hand, many men do not want to be fathers and are forced to
subsidize a woman's decision to be a mother with 18 years of support.

The US Constitution grants equal protection to all US citizens under the
14th Amendment. Many state constitutions also have an equal protection
clause which guarantees state citizens equal rights without discriminating
based on gender. Demonstrators from across the nation will be assembling to
fight for men's reproductive rights, which should naturally be their
constitutional right.

Please contact Scott Garman,, if you need more info about this event.

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