UK: Politicians back our Show Respect campaign to end misogyny in schools

Article here. Excerpt:

'Politicians from all the major parties got behind our campaign to fund healthy relationships workshops in schools to address sexist abuse and harassment, as the Rotary Club of London gave its support with a four-figure donation.

It follows support from Mayor Sadiq Khan who backed our campaign along with our call for the Department for Education to create a new category that records when a pupil is excluded for sexist abuse.

It comes as a report from the Children’s Commissioner Dame Rachel de Souza highlights the problem of “rape culture being normalised in schools” with “boys in particular mimicking harmful sexual behaviours they have seen online”.'

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Welcome to the 'microfeminist' revolution: Women clap back at everyday sexism on TikTok

Article here. Excerpt:

'Watched by 2.8 million, the TikTok video touched off a viral conversation about microfeminism, inspiring women – and men – to respond with their own small but mighty clapbacks at sexism that are spreading online and off.

Refusing to step aside for a man barreling down the sidewalk? That’s microfeminism. Claiming the armrest when you’re in the middle seat or the whole seat when the guy next to you on the subway is “manspreading?” Those, too, are acts of microfeminism.

So is greeting women first in a meeting, referring to "hers and his," assuming a CEO is a she and saying "girls" instead of "guys" as a gender-neutral term.

“I’m doing this thing, this tiny little act of collaboration with women, and I wondered if they noticed, and if anyone else is doing it,” Chaney told USA TODAY. “And, wow, I learned they absolutely do.”

And now these everyday acts of defiance are turning into an online movement.

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Our culture’s trashing of boys and men is having toxic consequences

Article here. Excerpt:

'For a long time, the internet and social media have been bloated with memes, even articles, that denigrate men and most forms of traditional masculinity. Many of the people behind these posts insist that they are simply snarky barbs aimed at people with the most “privilege” who can’t take a joke.

If there was ever any doubt about the veracity of or honesty behind such a statement, a growing trend appears to pull back the veil.

In one American study, white parents picked a female embryo 70 percent of the time. A 2010 study showed that American adoptive parents were 30 percent more likely to prefer girls than boys, and were willing to pay an additional $16,000 to ensure they got a girl.

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New book ‘Boymom’ reimagines boyhood in an age of ‘impossible masculinity’

Article here. Excerpt:

'Rapist, school-shooter, incel, man-child, interrupter, mansplainer, boob-starer, birthday forgetter, frat boy, dude-bro, homophobe, self-important stoner, emotional-labor abstainer, non-wiper of kitchen counters.”

These were some of the thoughts that kept Ruth Whippman up at night when she was pregnant with her third son and imagined his future. The year was 2017, when the Me Too movement was in full swing and a year into what she described as the “Pussy Grabber” administration of Donald J. Trump — “a time when the news was a rolling horrorshow of male bad behavior.”

Even in the “liberal urban bubble” of Berkeley, it became “increasingly clear that girls were now considered the prize. Boys, while cute and puppy-like, were generally viewed on some level as trouble — feral, hard to control, animalistic,” Whippman writes in her new book, Boymom: Reimagining Boyhood in the Age of Impossible Masculinity.

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UK: 'Sadistic' women who filmed themselves torturing man to death jailed for at least 26 years

Article here. Excerpt:

'Zoe Rider, 36, and Nicola Lethbridge, 45, were sentenced for a "vicious and extremely violent joint attack" on 60-year-old neighbour Stephen Koszyczarski in his Sheffield flat.

The court heard how they recorded their attack on the vulnerable man as they falsely accused him of being a paedophile on 9 August 2023.

Mr Koszyczarski was robbed by the pair and was left bleeding and with 22 separate injuries around his face, head and body. He died from his injuries two days later.

Judge Sarah Wright told Sheffield Crown Court the pair were "both clearly fuelled by drugs and probably alcohol" when they carried out the attack.

"You set about him in the most brutal, heartless and despicable manner. You launched a vicious and extremely violent joint attack upon him.

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Candace Owens Says ‘Straight White Males’ Are Now Treated Like Black Americans During Segregation

Article here. I think she's a bit hyperbolic here but I get her general idea. Excerpt:

'Author and TV correspondent Candace Owens recently said “straight white males” are now being treated the same as Black people during the degrading segregation era in America.

Owens is known for controversial remarks she makes as a Republican correspondent, whether she’s on the job or off. According to Mediaite, the media host was a recent speaker at Turning Point USA‘s latest college event at Michigan State University. The non-profit organization was founded by Trump supporter Charlie Kirk, and its mission is “to build the most organized, active and powerful conservative grassroots activist network on high school and college campuses across the country.”

During the event Twitter user Jason Campbell, a senior researcher at Media Matters, tweeted a video of Owens on stage sharing her viewpoint on what she sees as the modern-day reality of “straight white males.”'

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When is it appropriate and lawful for policies to dictate specific behaviors based on gender?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Recently, Victoria’s government in Australia announced the creation of a new parliamentary role aimed at changing men’s behavior to address gender-based violence. This decision marks a significant step in the government’s strategy to combat violence against women by focusing on men as the primary agents of change. While the intention to eradicate such violence is commendable, the approach raises profound concerns about gender bias and societal division.

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At-home saliva test to detect prostate cancer ‘better than blood samples’ – and could ‘turn the tide’ on killer disease

Article here. Excerpt:

'MEN could be checked for prostate cancer with a simple saliva test after a trial found it works better than blood testing.

It could save them unnecessary GP visits and embarrassing physical exams.

Scientists at the Institute for Cancer Research in London said the DIY spit test would catch more aggressive tumours and lead to fewer false alarms than the current NHS system.

Men simply spit into a tube at home and send the sample off for lab analysis.

Their DNA is checked for high risk genes or damage that could indicate prostate cancer, which is the most common type in men, with 52,000 cases per year.

Patients with the most concerning results are sent for further scans and exams, while those with low-risk scores can be discharged.'

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Australian State Creates 'Secretary of Men's Behavior Change'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Make of this what you will because it left me scratching my head this morning. But just in case something similar pops up in the United States in the near future (don't rule it out), we should probably keep an eye on the situation. This story comes to us from Victoria, the second-largest state in Australia by population. Jacinta Allan of the Labor Party serves as the Premier there and she has just announced the creation of a new position in the state's Parliament. It's called the "Parliamentary Secretary for Men's Behavior Change." That's quite a mouthful, but all of the word salad that accompanied the announcement didn't do much to clarify precisely what the new Secretary is supposed to do or what powers or authorities they are being granted. In any event, the first person to hold the title is Tim Richardson, an MP from Mordilloc. Best of luck, mate. (Daily Wire)'

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Congress is weighing automatic registration for wartime draft

Article here. Excerpt:

'American men ages 18 to 25 would be automatically signed up for the draft if a measure making its way through Congress becomes law.

The proposal by Rep. Chrissy Houlahan would mean that men would be automatically registered for the draft when they turn 18. Under current federal law, all American male citizens and green card holders 18 to 25 years old must register with the Selective Service, but the requirement to do so falls on individuals. Those roles would be the basis of a military draft if Congress or the President decided to implement one, which Houlahan’s proposed measure does not address.

Women would continue to be exempt from Selective Service registration under the proposal submitted as an amendment to the national defense policy bill for fiscal year 2025.

During debate on her amendment last week, Houlahan argued that the measure would allow Congress to spend more money on “readiness and towards mobilization” instead of “education and advertising campaigns driven to register people.”

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Ukraine urgently needs soldiers, but some men are desperate not to fight

Article here. Excerpt:

'Ukraine urgently needs new soldiers, but some — left uneasy by brutal fighting and intensifying conscription efforts — are desperately trying to avoid being called up.

“When you see people in uniform, you panic. You start thinking someone will mobilize you now against your will,” a lawyer based in Kyiv told NBC News. He did not want his identity known, fearful, like a growing number of men across the country, of being drafted into the army if his name is made public just as Russia launches a wave of attacks to try to decisively seize the battlefield initiative.

The 25-year-old has no military experience and just became eligible to be conscripted after Ukraine lowered the age men can be drafted from 27 to 25 last month.

Facing a third year of assaults from its vast neighbor, Ukraine is running out of men.

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Survivors say Russia is waging a war of sexual violence in occupied areas of Ukraine. Men are often the victims

Article here. Excerpt:

'Within an hour of being arrested by Russian security forces, Roman Shapovalenko was threatened with rape.

On August 25, 2022, the day after Ukraine’s Independence Day, he said three armed, masked officers from Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) stormed his home in the southern Ukrainian port city of Kherson, which was occupied by Russian forces at the time.

They turned his house inside out searching for incriminating evidence. A message in Shapovalenko’s phone that called Russian soldiers “orcs” — a derisive reference to the evil forces in J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth books and a popular Ukrainian slur for the Russian army — was enough for them. He said he was tied up, blindfolded and stuffed into an unmarked car.

For days after, Shapovalenko said he was repeatedly electrocuted in his genital area, threatened with being raped with a glass bottle, and was even made to believe he could be sterilized.'

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Melinda French Gates invests in boys and men: a new era for gender equality

Article here. Hard to believe but here it is. Excerpt:

'As part of this new effort, French Gates has created some dedicated grantmaking funds. As she writes in the New York Times: “I offered 12 people whose work I admire their own $20 million grant-making fund to distribute as he or she sees fit.”
What should advocates for gender equality make of these facts? Until recently, the standard response has been to ignore them, on the grounds that gender equality is exclusively a women’s issue. This is a mistaken approach. If gender gaps matter, they matter in both directions. Excluding boys and men also makes it easier for reactionary voices to claim that gender equality is in conflict with the interests of boys and men.

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Jerry Seinfeld Criticized Over Masculinity Comments

Article here. Excerpt:

'Jerry Seinfeld is facing backlash online after saying he missed the "dominant masculinity" of 1960s America.

Tuesday, the comedian appeared on the Honestly With Bari Weiss podcast to promote his latest film, Unfrosted. Set in 1960s Michigan, the movie is loosely based on the real-life dispute between Pop-Tarts and Kellogg's to create a new favorite breakfast food.

Weiss felt Unfrosted represented a "sense of one conversation, a common culture." Seinfeld—who directed and starred in the film—agreed.

"That's part of what makes that moment attractive looking back," the 70-year-old said. He added: "I always wanted to be a real man. I never made it, [but] in that era, it was JFK. It was Muhammad Ali. It was Sean Connery, Howard Cosell. You can go all the way down there. That's a real man."

"I miss a dominant masculinity," Seinfeld added. "Yeah, I get the toxic thing. But still, I like a real man."'

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Why are white men being shamed as transport polluters?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Black women are the worst for carbon-intensive travelling habits, according to the Guardian, citing research by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR). Oh, sorry, I must have misread that. What the Guardian headline actually says is: ‘Wealthy white men are Britain’s largest transport polluters.’

While is poses as scientific inquiry this is really just political activism dressed up in academic clothes.

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