The Commodification of Hating Men

Article here. Excerpt:

'“I think it's healthy for women to bitch about men and complain about the way they're treated,” says journalist Marie Le Conte, author of Escape: How a Generation Shaped, Destroyed and Survived the Internet. “But not only have brands ruined the internet, they are the internet. They encroach on all our conversations, identities and personalities. They just want to make money and the problem is social media has offered them such an efficient way of targeting us, what we’re talking about and what we feel strongly about.”

“Female rage has earnt a cultural capital that’s lucrative for brands,” continues Cole. “Women are more likely to spend their disposable income than men, and are also earning more money as workplace inequality evens out. This means women’s trust is super valuable to brands.”

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Piers Morgan: 'If there is a Minister for Women, why is there no Minister for Men?'

Article here. Excerpt:

'This week the Labour Party reshuffled its top tier and unveiled a shadow minister for women’s health and women’s mental health.

But what about men? Are there no issues with men’s health and mental health? Tory MP Nick Fletcher is making waves today by campaigning for a Minister for Men.

The feminist blowback has been as swift as it is predictable. One commentator quipped that “as long as rooms of men are writing policy…every minister is already a minister for men.”

This research group said there’s simply no problem for men because men are rich CEOs who run the male-domimated world.

But the facts say otherwise. Nearly three quarters of adults who go missing are men. 87 per cent of rough sleepers in the UK are men.

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UK: A Tory MP wants a minister for men. How about one for white people, heterosexuals and the upper classes?

Article here. Excerpt:

'The first thing to say about the idea of appointing a minister for men, as suggested last week by Tory MP Nick Fletcher and taken rather seriously by many, is that it is insulting.

Some people seem to have missed this, perhaps because sexism is less taboo than some other types of discrimination. So let’s make it clearer. Imagine appointing a minister for any other dominant group – a minister for white people, say, or heterosexuals, or the able-bodied.

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Hockey Canada summit to tackle toxic masculinity as a root problem in sport’s culture

Article here. Excerpt:

'Sheldon Kennedy feels the weight of what will be discussed at Hockey Canada’s summit in Calgary.

The two-day “Beyond The Boards Summit” on Friday and Saturday is designed to tackle one root cause identified at the heart of racism, sexism, homophobia, discrimination and exclusion in hockey.

How masculinity is defined in hockey – glorifying toughness and violence, the “bro culture”, the “code of the locker room” – and how elite men’s hockey dominates the sport’s culture in Canada are on the agenda.

The agenda was developed based on research by Teresa Fowler, an assistant professor at Concordia University in Edmonton, who has written hockey works well for white heterosexual males and not as well for others.

“To get to the root, we have to start peeling off all of those layers,” Fowler told CP. “What spills out from hypermasculinity are those things racism, homophobia.'

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Jenni Hermoso files criminal complaint against Luis Rubiales over kiss

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Spanish footballer Jenni Hermoso has filed a criminal complaint accusing Luis Rubiales, the president of the Spanish football federation, of sexual assault over the unsolicited kiss he gave her after the Women’s World Cup final, the Spanish prosecutor’s office has said.

The complaint comes after prosecutors at the country’s top criminal court said they were investigating the incident – in which Rubiales grabbed Hermoso by the head, pulled her towards him and planted a kiss on her lips – amid concerns that there may be grounds for sexual assault charges. As part of the investigation, Hermoso was invited to file a formal complaint.

The prosecutor’s office said that Hermoso’s testimony, given one day earlier, would be processed “as soon as possible”. Under a recently passed sexual consent law, Rubiales could face a fine or between one and four years in prison if found guilty of sexual assault, it added.'

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Marco Rubio Releases 40-Page Report On The Crisis Of Working, Non-Working Men

Article here. Excerpt:

'Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio will release a 40-page report Tuesday regarding male labor participation that details the problems men face in their role as providers and shares evidence that working-aged men are having trouble finding quality jobs and are dropping out of the labor force at high rates.

The Daily Caller first obtained a copy of the report, which is titled “The State of the Working (And Non-Working) Man.” One section of the report, headlined “Behind the Decline,” explores various explanations for men’s problems in the workforce and includes sub-sections on “Deindustrialization and the Rise of the Service Economy,” “College for All,” “Mass Immigration,” “The Welfare and Disability Trap” and “The Cultural and Technological Revolution.”

The report also features a section titled “What to Do,” in which Rubio lays out how to get men back to work as well as how to equip young men to lead.'

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Spain women’s soccer coach fired amid unwanted World Cup kiss fallout

Article here. Near as I can tell they simply want to replace this man with a woman. That's all it looks like. Excerpt:

'Jorge Vilda has been sacked from his role as head coach of the Spanish women’s soccer team amid the ongoing fallout over the unwanted kiss that soccer chief Luis Rubiales gave a player at the Women’s World Cup final.

The move comes as part of a major shake-up in Spanish soccer ever since Rubiales, the president of the country’s soccer federation (RFEF), forcibly kissed forward Jennifer Hermoso on August 20.

Rubiales has apologized for his actions and described the kiss as “mutual” – a claim Hermoso denied, saying she was not respected. He has been handed a 90-day suspension by FIFA, soccer’s global governing body, while disciplinary proceedings are underway.

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College Gender Gap Starts Early and Extends across Races

Article here. They ignore the 800-lb. gorilla in the room: widespread misandry on college campuses. Excerpt:

'Throughout the country, prospective college students have recently made decisions about where they intend to go to school. Increasingly, these students are more likely to be women than men. In California, 56% of undergraduates at the state’s public universities and community colleges are women, as are 54% of undergraduates at nonprofit colleges and 63% at for-profit colleges. The growing college gender gap has far-reaching consequences for young men’s economic prospects, especially for those from underrepresented racial/ethnic groups.

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Kevin Sorbo Fights Hollywood’s ‘Attack On Masculinity’ in New Book

Article here. Excerpt:

'Kevin Sorbo celebrates masculinity in his latest book, “The Test of Lionhood.”

“For starters, I think this is long overdue—and I’m actually quite thrilled that I was asked to be part of this,” Sorbo explained to Fox News. “The attack today on masculinity today is a call for us to stay vigilant right now, given what Hollywood’s been doing to the movies and television.”

He continued, “I’m just hoping that people wake up a little bit and realize, Let’s let boys be boys and let girls be girls. And let’s stop this whole thing about chopping down the men in the world.”

Sorbo emphasized that everyone “has a place in this world” and that “The Test of Lionhood” is meant to show boys that “being brave, and being manly, is not a bad thing.”

“They’re going out there and protecting people — and they shouldn’t be afraid to confront things that are dangerous,” he said.'

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New dating trend sees men asking for refunds when they don’t see a 'return on investment’

Saw this and had to post it. Problem is really it should be assumed that on a date, you'll go Dutch. Excerpt:

'Samantha Costanza went on a fairly unremarkable date last winter. She and her date grabbed hot ciders at a Brooklyn bar. When the bill came, her date slipped the bartender his credit card.

It was only a few days later when he followed up to suggest a second date that something remarkable happened. Costanza wasn't interested in meeting up again and spent some time crafting a polite response to her paramour.

His response? A Venmo request for her half of the ciders.

“I was in complete shock,” she told CNBC. “It made it seem like the only reason he would offer to pay for my drinks was that he expected something from me.”

Costanza isn’t the only single woman to run into an awkward moment like this. A new dating trend has been popping up, where men send money requests to women after they decline a second date. Some even express they’d like their date’s share of the bill back since they didn’t get a return on their “investment.”'

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In Praise of Heroic Masculinity

Article here. Excerpt:

'The phrase toxic masculinity was coined in the 1980s by a psychologist named Shepherd Bliss. He was a central figure in what he named the “mythopoetic” manhood movement. Bliss had grown up in a punishing military household with a domineering father, and he meant the new term to connote “behavior that diminishes women, children, other men,” a way “to describe that part of the male psyche that is abusive.”
The opposite of toxic masculinity is heroic masculinity. It’s all around us; you depend on it for your safety, as I do. It is almost entirely taken for granted, even reviled, until trouble comes and it is ungratefully demanded by the very people who usually decry it.'

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College student convicted of stabbing blind date during sex thought she was Salma Hayek’s ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ character

Article here. Excerpt:

'A college student convicted of stabbing a blind date during sex as revenge for a US drone strike that killed an Iranian commander now insists she was hallucinating amid the frenzied attack, telling The Post she believed she was Salma Hayek’s character in “From Dusk Till Dawn.”

Nika Nikoubin, 23, also claims she only told authorities the stabbing was retaliation for the deadly 2020 drone strike that targeted the military leader because she thought she was starring in a “Homeland” episode by the time she was interrogated.

The Texas student, who has schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, detailed her mindset to The Post on Tuesday — just weeks after a judge sentenced her to three years probation for stabbing her date, Daniel Trevino, in the neck during a rendezvous in a Las Vegas-area hotel last year.

“I was in a very manic state of mind,” Nikoubin said.

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California Supreme Court declares students accused of sexual misconduct cannot cross-examine accusers

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Supreme Court of California ruled in July that the state’s private universities are not obligated to allow students accused of intimate partner violence to cross-examine their accusers.

Associate Justice Joshua Groban wrote in the Court’s opinion that while universities should be giving accused students opportunities to respond to allegations prior to disciplinary action is administered, colleges need to make sure that alleged victims are not “retraumatized.”

However, Ken Tashjy, a higher education attorney at Suffolk University and Campus Reform Higher Education Fellow, told Campus Reform that these possible effects can be minimized by permitting accused students to present their questions through the disciplinary hearing officer rather than directly to the alleged victim.

“Denying an accused student facing allegations of sexual violence any right to question his/her accuser is fundamentally unfair and smacks of a presumption of honesty on the part of the alleged victim and of guilt against the accused student,” he stated.'

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FIFA suspends Spain soccer federation president Luis Rubiales for 90 days after World Cup win kiss

Article here. Excerpt:

'FIFA suspended Spanish soccer federation president Luis Rubiales on Saturday while its disciplinary committee investigates his conduct at the Women’s World Cup final, which included kissing player Jenni Hermoso on the lips after Spain's victory.

The provisional suspension comes less than a week after Spain’s 1-0 victory over England in Sydney, Australia, and a day after Rubiales refused to resign, despite intense pressure from the Spanish government, women players, soccer clubs and officials. Rubiales' conduct, which also included grabbing his crotch, has overshadowed the enormous accomplishment of Spain's first Women's World Cup title.

Hermoso has said she did not consent to the kiss, and the team's players have said they will not play any more games as long as Rubiales is in charge. It was not immediately clear how FIFA's latest intervention might affect that.'

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Portland State professors take on Shakespeare: oppression, misogyny, imperialism

Article here. Excerpt:

'Portland, Oregon played host this summer to the Original Practice Shakespeare Festival — which “prides itself on replicating production techniques true to Shakespeare’s time.”

But OPS Fest Company Manager Beth Yocam told the Portland State University student paper PSU Vanguard there certainly are things the company can “update” and “make things land differently” than they would in the playwright’s time.

This is due to what the paper considers a “controversy” — that the playwright’s works remain “highly regarded” given their “prejudiced language and representations.”

Yocam said the OPS Fest Company “attempts to deconstruct patriarchal expectations” by casting “female or nonbinary actors for traditionally misogynistic male characters” and replacing “offensive and racist language.”'

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