Male Breast Cancer Linked To Hormone Levels - And Orgasms?

Huh? Let me explain: 1 - Men can and do get breast cancer, in fairly small numbers. 2 - Men who get breast cancer have an extremely high mortality rate from it. 3 - According to this BBC Health News article, the likelihood of a man having breast cancer increases if a man has fewer than six orgasms per month, which would indicate abnormal hormonal levels. This is kind of odd news, somewhat humorous, but also serious at the same time.

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A Struggle For Recognition: Battered Men In New Zealand

This news story from NZ Stuff News discusses the struggle for recognition that men's groups are fighting for to establish that men are also victims of domestic violence. There's good information here about a massive study done by Auckland University that followed men and women from birth into their 20s, and found that women were at least as violent as men in relationships, with women even self-reporting initiation violence more than men. Aussie DV advocates, check this out!

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The Politics Of Victimhood Feminism

Rand submitted this article from the National Post on a recent Canadian protest march for "women's rights." The author points out that some of the demands are overblown and reflect the political nature of the issues involved. She states that what we have is essentially a bunch of "quasi-Marxists" who "have figured out it's easier to get government hand-outs if they claim to be championing women rather than the overthrow of capitalism."

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LA Weekly Prints Letter On Gender Bashing

Marc Angelucci writes "The L.A. Weekly printed my letter about the web site. Thank you to all who also wrote to them. I'm sure it helped." Great work everyone!

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A Monograph on Feminism: Gender Bias In Employment

Glenn Burger submitted an interesting editorial piece on the topic of gender bias in employment. He raised some issues that I had never considered before, and so I thought it would be of interest to others. If anyone has any personal stories about this topic, feel free to discuss them on the message board to this story. Click "Read More..." below to view his Glenn's writings.

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Long Choice For Men Article In Salon

Salon magazine printed this feature length article on male reproductive rights. It's written by Cathy Young, who takes a conservative pro-male view in most of her writings. This one, however, I feel a bit mixed about. She seems sympathetic to men and understands some of the double standards and injustice of the situation, but more or less dismisses current challenges to law or solutions to the problem. But it certainly is a thoughtful and engaging article, and more press for the issue. Thanks to Alan from the new Choice4Men list for submitting it.

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False Accusations Make The News

James Bohne writes "It takes considerable courage to print an article on false accusations during domestic violence month. Mike Vigh of the Salt Lake Tribune has the right stuff. The facts are watered down quite a bit, but that doesn't detract much from the significance of the topic being published during the same month both houses passed VAWA. You know the Trib is going to get flak for this, and they probably do also. My guess is this is a feeler to see how much support they will get." Which of course means we should write in and show support for taking these risks. Anything, even a short note of support will help out!

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Making Divorce Even Worse For Men

According to this news story, on December 1st in the UK, any wife who files for divorce will get half of her ex-husband's pension without needing to show any material evidence at all, and she still gets the standard maintenance payments and a large cut of his assets.You can read it here. It's hard to think of it this way now, but once upon a time it was a good thing for a man to be a good breadwinner. Now it's almost no longer in his self-interest!

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Sign A Petition To End Forced Fatherhood

Ron Burke has created a web site with his essay (which was featured on on male reproductive rights and has an area where you can sign a petition to put an end to forced fatherhood. Please take a moment to head over to the site and sign the petition. Thanks to Mark Cimini for sending this in.

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Family Violence Report 2000 Released

Bunny Sewell writes "We publish a report on the Internet that contains a family violence bibliography, which clearly demonstrates that gender advocates have
severely distorted this issue. [This includes the Fiebert Bibliography] The year 2000 edition of the Family Violence Report from Family Resources and Research has been released. It may be quoted, linked and copied
without further permission. The internet version is available at: Also included is an article written by Sally L. Satel, M.D., about the dangers of present family violence policy." I've received a lot of good DV articles recently. Keep 'em coming, folks!

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The Silent Marjoity: DV Against Men And Boys

Online Book: The Garbage Generation

Hi everybody, I'm Adam and one of the new co-administrators on I'll be posting articles from time to time, and here's the first one. It's an online book: The Garbarge Generation by Daniel Amneus and you can read it here. Thanks :)

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American Bar Association And DV Stats

Marc Angelucci writes "I'm glad there's been some domestic violence postings here lately, because the American Bar Association Journal, which has a circulation of 400,000 nationwide, just printed this article on domestic violence that opens with 'about 90 percent of victims are women.' How about we send them some mail, even just a quick e-mail message (, so they might print some of it?" Read on for Marc's explanation of the statistics that will be useful in your letters...

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Male Teachers Afraid Of Touching Students

The UK Independent ran this story on the lack of male schoolteachers for primary (elementary) schools. It brings up a reason I had never even considered before: that men are afraid of entering this field due to the likelihood of false accusations of sexual harassment from students. Testimony is included from male teachers who left their careers due to their inability to touch children, comfort them if hurt, or break up fights because of the potential of being accused. And can you blame them? What can be done about this?

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It's been a while since I've received a feature submission, and I now have a couple queued up for the upcoming weeks. The first one, by James Castelli, is on domestic violence. In his essay, Jim confronts the political nature of domestic violence as portrayed by "male bashing feminists," and calls for an end to the gender warfare going on which is doing nothing to truly prevent domestic violence. Click the "Read More..." link below to view his submission...

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