UK: 'I'm asking for it': Calls for law change to require 'clear yes' to sex

Article here. Excerpt:

'People should be required to make sure they have a “clear yes” before any sexual activity, lawyers and activists have said.

A new campaign named “I’m Asking For It” was launched on Monday, calling for the Government to enshrine “affirmative consent” into British law.

This would mean “anything less than a clear, uncoerced, and informed confirmation of consent like ‘yes’ cannot qualify as consent in the eyes of the law”.'

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Women leaders demand release of female hostages ahead of International Women’s Day

Article here. Excerpt:

'As International Women’s Day approaches on March 8, several leading Israeli women appear in a video, demanding that the 19 women held captive by Hamas be released.

Former Supreme Court president Dorit Beinisch, award-winning actor Gila Almagor and other figures including academics, journalists, activists and entertainers appear in the campaign, released Monday, calling to bring the hostages home.

“As long as they are not here, we have nothing to celebrate,” state the women in the video. “All the achievements, all the successes of all of us — are meaningless when there are 19 women, like us, in the captivity of Hamas.”

Hamas took 253 hostages captive on October 7 when thousands of terrrorists stormed across the border, killing some 1,200 people, most of them civilians in their homes or at the music festival.'

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German Police Carry Out Dawn Raids on Homes of Suspected ‘Misogynistic Hate Speech’ Posters

Article here. Excerpt:

'German authorities carried out raids Thursday across Germany against people suspected of posting misogynistic hate speech online.

Police raided homes and interrogated 45 suspects in 11 states early in the morning, German news agency dpa reported. None of the suspects were detained.

The raids were part of the annual “combating misogyny on the internet” day of action, which began in 2022 and comes one day before International´s Women´s Day.

In Germany, sweeping slurs against women can be punishable as incitement to hatred.

In preparation for the raids, authorities screened the internet for posts that potentially broke anti-misogyny laws and attempted to identify the authors. Names were then forwarded to the public prosecutor´s offices in the states where the suspects live in order to decide whether to proceed with investigations.

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No More Dating: 15 Reasons Why Some Men Prefer to Be Alone

Article here. Interesting in that it lacks any psychobabble or outrageous BS from a feminist perspective. Of further interest I'd say is the last reason given; you typically don't see such candor in these kinds of things. To wit:

'There is a possibility that men have become disillusioned with the concept of love. Whether from personal experiences or observing others, this skepticism can lead to a lack of interest in pursuing romantic relationships, favoring a solitary life instead.'

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Stop putting men down to improve female equality, says Tory MP

Article here. Excerpt:

'People should stop putting men down to improve female equality, a Tory MP has said in a warning about the impact of “toxic masculinity” discussions in schools.

Boys face a “negative narrative and indifference” in classrooms, with four in 10 sixth form pupils told in lessons that boys are a problem, a Westminster Hall debate heard on Tuesday.

Steve Double, the Conservative MP for Austell and Newquay, said: “I absolutely understand and agree that we have needed to address the inequality that many women have experienced in our society for a long time, and we have made huge progress on that, but we should not be putting men down as a result.

“I feel sometimes that that is what we have done, and we need to think carefully about it.”'

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CBS Sued By ‘SEAL Team’ Writer Who Claims ‘Heterosexual, White Men Need Extra Qualifications’

Article here. Excerpt:

'CBS Studios and its parent company, Paramount, are being sued by an employee who claims he was discriminated against for being a heterosexual white male.

Brian Beneker, a script coordinator for the drama series “SEAL Team,” filed a lawsuit in California federal court Wednesday, per The Hollywood Reporter.

The studio employee alleged that he was repeatedly denied a staff writer job due to the company’s “illegal policy of race and sex balancing,” which promoted hiring “less qualified applicants who were members of more preferred groups.” Beneker specifically stated in the document that women, minorities, and LGTBQ individuals were given preferential consideration for open positions.

“During Season 6, (in approximately May of 2022), two female writer’s assistants, without any writing credits, were hired as staff writers,” the lawsuit says. “The first of these two hires was black. The second identified as lesbian.”

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One in six men, ages 16-29, say 'feminism has done more harm than good,' study shows

Video here.

'A new study is shining light on a generational divide in attitudes towards feminism, revealing younger men's skepticism about its impact compared to women and older men— delving into perceptions of gender challenges and the contentious view of "toxic masculinity." Forbes' Maggie McGrath and Vice-Chair of the 30/50 Summit, Huma Abedin, join Mika Brzezinski to discuss the complex gender dynamics among younger generations.'

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UK: Schools could train young male influencers to counter internet 'misogynists' like Andrew Tate as Labour warns of 'scourge' of sexual violence in classrooms

Article here. Excerpt:

'Labour have unveiled plans to help schools train young male influencers to combat self-proclaimed internet 'misogynists' such as Andrew Tate.

Shadow education secretary Bridget Phillipson said young male mentors within schools could provide a 'powerful counterbalance' to negative online content.

She today outlined a blueprint for how Labour would help headteachers tackle a 'scourge' of sexual harassment and sexual violence in schools.

Under Labour's plans, schools would be supported to work together and spread 'best practice' in dealing with misogyny and sexual harassment.

They would establish regional improvement teams to provide mentor training for older schoolboys to coach younger pupils in recognising and stopping misogyny.

Labour also want to embed digital literacy in the national curriculum so young people are given critical tools to deal with online hate and misinformation.

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Masculinity has been under siege for the past decade and boys are fed up with it

Article here. Excerpt:

'How do you solve a problem like masculinity? All that anger! All that violence! All that inherent misogyny every young boy has bubbling inside of him!

Well, according to Labour, you install male ‘influencers’ inside classrooms in the hope they can teach other boys how to behave towards women.

Bridget Phillipson, the party's education spokesman, has pledged to introduce the scheme as an answer to the post-pandemic rise in sexual harassment in British classrooms; a response, as it were, to the Andrew Tate-ification of modern man.
So what is the answer? Well I’d start by suggesting compassion, not anger is what is needed. And celebrating what is good about men — ambition, drive, strength (yes, I know, women have these traits, too) rather than admonishing them for what is bad.

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"This Penis Business: A Memoir" Chronicles the Life Events That Compelled Georganne Chapin to Make Ending Circumcision Her Life's Work

Press release here. Excerpt:

'In a new memoir, "This Penis Business," written by Georganne Chapin with Echo Montgomery Garrett and published by Lucid House Publishing, Chapin explains how her unusual upbringing, travels, and life experiences honed her as a leader, a critical thinker, and an outspoken advocate of children's rights.
Chapin, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Intact America, Exposes the Big Business of Medical Circumcision and the Cruel Absurdity of Circumcising Baby Boys for No Medical Reason

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Texas judge rules school district can restrict the length of male students’ natural hair

Article here. They're making it about race in the press when it's really about equality under law for the sexes. In this case, girls can grow their hair out while, it seems, boys can't. Excerpt:

'A Texas judge ruled Thursday that the state’s CROWN Act does not make it unlawful for school dress codes to limit a student’s hair length.

The decision is a blow to Darryl George, a Houston-area high school student who sued the Barbers Hill Independent School District after he was suspended for months over the length of his locs hairstyle.

The George family did not make an appearance after the trial, but attorneys for the family said they intend to appeal the ruling.'

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Can job postings in Canada exclude white men? Short answer: yes

Article here. Excerpt:

'Restrictions listed on recent postings for Canada Research Chair positions have surprised some people. It’s not that someone with a biology degree might be barred from applying to teach South American history, or that an engineer might not be eligible for a position teaching English literature, but rather that skin colour and gender identity have been limiting factors.

In two recent job postings for Canada Research Chairs in computer science at the University of Waterloo, applications are restricted for those who identify as “women, transgender, gender-fluid, non-binary, or Two-spirit” in the first case, and to members “of a racialized minority” for the second.

In the past, these sorts of job postings have led to controversy, with some claiming they’re examples of “reverse racism” or that they show the end of hiring based on merit and education, in favour of immutable characteristics.

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Pennsylvania Judge Accused of Shooting Ex-Boyfriend in the Head as He Slept

Article here. One to watch. Excerpt:

'A suspended Pennsylvania judge allegedly shot her ex-boyfriend in his home as he slept, according to a press release from the Cumberland County District Attorney's Office.

The shooting occurred in the morning of Saturday, Feb. 10 at the Harrisburg home of the victim, Michael McCoy, after he tried to end his one-year relationship with Magisterial District Judge Sonya M. McKnight, 57, according to the press release and a police filing obtained by the Associated Press.

The bullet entered the right side of McCoy’s face and exited the left side of his face, the press release states. He survived but is now blind in one eye.
McKnight is now being charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault.

After breaking up with McKnight, McCoy, 54, had attempted to get her to move out of his home numerous times, but she would not leave, according to an arrest affidavit obtained by the Associated Press NBC News, and CBS News.'

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Michigan State’s ‘Women’s Leadership Accelerator’ likely illegal: watchdog

Article here. Excerpt:

'Michigan State University is facing scrutiny for its new female leadership program as a due process advocacy group says it illegally discriminates against male students.

Michigan State’s Broad College of Business launched the program recently and it is marketed to female students who want to advance their leadership skills, potentially in violation of Title IX rules on sex discrimination.

The Dashney Women’s Leadership Accelerator will offer students mentoring and experiential learning, according to the program’s website.
Bullion said both men and women can participate in the leadership accelerator.

But a group that advocates for civil rights protections disagrees.

The president of Stop Abusive and Violent Environments told The Fix MSU is “absolutely not” compliant with Title IX regulations.'

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Protecting Our Sons: Navigating a Radical Feminist Culture

Article here. Excerpt:

'I dedicated 13 years of my life to public, private, and higher education. As a teacher, I continuously witnessed male disengagement with curriculum that was heavily slanted toward female students across multiple school districts.

This shouldn’t be surprising given that only 23% of American K-12 teachers identified as male in 2021 (NCES, 2023) despite the fact that an estimated 51.4% of students enrolled in public schools are male (ACS 2017-2021 survey).

In addition, males are overrepresented in school punishment, dropout rates, academic delinquency and, ultimately, criminal offenses in what is commonly called the School-To-Prison Pipeline. The drop in male enrollment in higher education institutions has become known as the “Male College Crisis.” While there are many reasons for male disinterest education, it would be naïve to assume that a social climate which devalues males outside the classroom would be significantly supportive of males within the classroom.

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